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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


The Prime Minister
A Message from the
Right Hon. M. J. Savage.

It gives me pleasure to contribute a Foreword to a book commemorating the Jubilee of the Petone Borough.
The people of Petone have reason to be proud of its historical association with the foundation and development of Wellington— the Capital City—and the Hutt Valley. Its foreshore was the landing-ground for the early settlers, and the resolute spirit of those pioneer's has never been lost in the establishment of a modern borough.
Historians will recall the vicissitudes of earlier days and the manner in which great difficulties have been overcome with the passing of eventful years. To-day, the observer cannot fail to realise that the reward of the past is the promise of Petone's future.
It must be a joy, as well as an inspiration, to local administrators to know that much of the progress achieved has been due to the work of the Borough Council during the past half century. The service of successive councillors is reflected in the borough's growth. The former village has become a substantial town with all the amenities of modern life.
A feature of Petone's development is the growth of its manufacturing industries. The present generation owes a debt to industrial pioneers, who made a name for quality of production. Enterprise is at its best when its aim is efficiency with the highest possible standard of merit. In these days of keen competition there is greater need than ever before for first-class workmanship and good materials.
There still is much scope for industrial expansion, and I am certain that the Borough Council, while encouraging development, will safeguard residential interests. The houses of the people and their playgrounds are just as important as their workshops. Adequate amenities are essential to both.
Meanwhile, the spirit of the past is alive in Petone, and at a time when the nation as a whole is celebrating its first centenary the Petone people and the Borough Council of Petone are alert to the needs of their town, and are responding to the national urge for progress. The borough holds many advantages, and it can be taken as certain that the Council and people will make the best use of them and go forward confidently to greater things.
M. J. Savage,
Prime Minister.
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Right Hon. M. J. Savage (Prime Minister)

(Died March 27th, 1940)
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Hon. W. Nash

(Minister of Finance and Member for the District)
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Hon. D. G. Sullivan

(Minister of Industries and Commerce)

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