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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Petone—A Sporting Community

"The Cradle Of Champions."

The history of a people is inextricably bound up with the thoughts and deeds of its sons and daughters. Unfortunately, the deeds most commemorated by older nations are largely those incidental to warfare. Not that heroism and patriotism are not virtues of the highest worth, or that the deeds of a country's defenders and patriots are not worthy of a permanent place in the annals of their lands, but the philosopher will remember, when such stories are told, not only the glory of the deed but the misery and suffering of the environment, not only the virtues displayed by the hero but the passions and vices aroused during the wars of which the herioc deed is but an incident.
New Zealand, in her short history, has felt the scourge of war, and the deeds of her sons and the patience and self-sacrifice of her daughters in those times of national duress will not be forgotten. It is, however, one of the blessings of her youthfulness among the society of nations that her heroes and heroines are those of peace. The fables which shall be told to the children of New Zealand in the future could quite well be peopled, not with a Roland or a Black Prince, but with a Lovelock or a Nepia.
In this story of the greatness of New Zealand on the fields of sport, the citizens of Petone have played no mean part. In fact it would not be mere parochialism to say that no other place of comparative size in the Dominion has produced such a number of prominent sports men and women, nor had such consistent quality among its individuals and teams in the realms of physical endeavour. It is a most remarkable total of achievement that Petone possesses; one that makes no empty words of the phrase coined by the late Sir Thomas Wilford, when he called Petone "the cradle of Champions."
However, from a more important view than that of the acquisition of championships, Petone has fulfilled and is fulfilling her national obligations in the physical development and welfare of her citizens. Every form of sport is participated in in the borough, and the success achieved by Petone teams is above all striking evidence not only of the excellence of the players' technique, but of the general standard of play, the coaching ability, and the material facilities available in the borough.

Recreational Areas.

In distinction to the practice in England, most of the recreational areas of the Dominion are publicly owned, and this is almost wholly true of the Borough of Petone. Serious attention has been given recently to the over-development in the Hutt Valley of residential and business areas, without a corresponding
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Pupils of the Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College at the Petone Jubilee Celebrations.

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Petone's first Grandstand, partly destroyed by fire in 1939.

segregation of land for recreational purposes. This admittedly serious problem, however, is not quite applicable to Petone, where the proportion of area available to density of population, while not quite reaching the required modern standard of 7 acres to 1,000 population, still is at the satisfactory proportion of 4 acres per 1,000. The area still available for increased population is so small, and areas destined for recreational purposes are so close to the borough boundaries that it does not seem it will ever be necessary for any increased sporting areas within the borough. In the Recreation Ground, North Park and McEwan Park, the citizens are possessed of three adequate and well-surfaced grounds for most organised sports, and the McKenzie Baths and the Beach provide ideal accommodation for the enjoyment of water and sun by the whole community.

Individual Clubs And Records.

This is obviously not the place for a detailed record of the members and records of each Sports Club in Petone; but it was felt that some permanent record should be given of the Petone citizens who have achieved national or provincial honours in their various fields of physical endeavour. It is therefore intended to make a brief summary of the more important branches of sport and the part played therein by Petone Clubs and individuals. Also as a mark of gratitude and a memorial record, where possible, founders' names and original committees are also given.
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Petone Rugby Football Club.

Championship team and winners of Senior Shield, 1895.

Rugby Football.

In no other sport has Petone played so great a part as in, appropriately enough, that of the national game. The Petone Rugby Football Club is, indeed, older than the borough itself, having been founded in 1885 under the leadership of H. S. Fitzherbert, M.H.R., as Patron, W. S. Riddler as Secretary, and G. Carey as Treasurer. In the fifty-four years since then, the club has developed into one of the strongest and finest of its type in the Dominion. It has produced many Championship teams and given far more than its mere numerical quota to the Wellington and New Zealand Representative sides. The following speaks for itself as a record of excellence.
The Senior A Championship in the competition controlled by the Wellington Rugby Union has been won by Petone on the following occasions:—
1895, 1899, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1916, 1917, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1930, 1935, and 1938.
New Zealand representative honours have been won by the following members of the Petone Club:—
T. Cross (1904 and 1905); W. Hardcastle (1897); A. Lambourn (1934, 1935, 1937, and 1938); G. Maber (1894); D. McGregor (1904 and 1905), J. R. McKenzie (1913, 1914); W. McKenzie (1894, 1896, 1897); H. E; Nicholls (1921, 1922, 1923); H. G. Nicholls (1923); M. F. Nicholls (1921.
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Petone Rugby Football Club.

Winners of W.R.F. U. Senior A (First Div.) Championship and Mc Bain Shield, 1938. Capt.—C. O'Halloran.
1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930); H. R. Pollock (1932, 1936); W. Pringle (1893); W. J. Reedy (1908); E. Ryan (1921); J. Ryan (1910, 1914); A Thomas (1925).
New Zealand Maori representative honours:—
M. Love, E. T. Love.
North Island Representative honours:—
M. C. Corner (1919); T. Cross (1904, 1906); W. L. Elvy (1929); C. Green (1909); A. Lambourn (1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939); D. McGregor (1904); J. R. McKenzie (1912, 1913); W. McKenzie (1897); H. E. Nicholls (1919, 1922); M. F. Nicholls (1922, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1931); H. R. Pollock (1932, 1935, 1936, 1937); W. Pringle (1894); W. J. Reedy (1908); J. Ryan (1914); A. Thomas (1926).
The following gained Wellington Provincial representative honours:—
Abrim, B.A. (1934); Ashton, J. (1920–21); August, J. (1897–98, 1900): Barber, J. (1903, 4, 5, 7, 10); Barlow (1897); Baumber, J. (1892, 3, 5, 7); Bolton, S. (1915); Bond, A. (1917); Bowers, R. (1917); Boyd, D. (1912–13); Braid, W. (1900, 01, 03); Brice, S. (1901); Burns, J. (1899, 1901); Byrne, C. (1906–7); Carr, L. (1918); Carter, I. (1937–8); Chambers, A. (1900); Clayton, J. (1936–8); Coles, W. (1917); Coman, J E. (1928, 9, 30); Corner, M.C. (1917, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26); Corson, J. (1908, 1915); Coulston, E. (1928, 29, 30, 31); Cowie, R. (1917); Cross, T. (1904, 5, 6, 7,); Daly, J. (1911); Dansey, R. (1913); Dent, T. (1909, 11, 14); Dickens, N. (1918, 1923); Driscoll, H. (1903, 4, 5); Edwards, A. (1936); Elvy, W. L. (1927, 29); Fell, W. E. (1929, 30, 31); Fitzgerald, D. (1920, 23, 24, 25, 26); Green, C. (1906, 7, 8, 9); Haddock, O. (1924, 25); Hebberley, J. (1903); Hudson, C. A. (1934, 36, 37); Hamilton, W. (1917, 20, 21); Hardcastle, W. (1895); Hardham, W. J. (V.C.) (1897, 8, 9, 1903, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10); Hawke, F. (1898, 1900); Hawkins, H. C. (1924, 5, 6); Henwood, H. (1926, 27); Howe, J. (1934); Huxtable, W. (1931); Jacob, P. (1901); Jigger, J. (1898, 99); Jowett, W. (1926); Judd, A. S. (1899, 1900, 03); Kelly, A. (1906); King, C. (1897); King, W. (1897, 8, 9, 1903, 04); King, J. D. (1922, 3, 4); Knight, H. (1904, 5, 7); Knowles, R. (1938, 39); Lambourn, A. (1932, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39); Love, M. (1919, 21); Lusk, G. B. (1895); Maber, G. (1893, 4); Martin, J. C. (1929, 32, 34); Matson, R. (1897, 8); Milne, J. S. (1891, 2); McCarthy, A. (1939); McEwan, W. (1914, 15); McFarlane, D. S. (1909, 10, 11, 12, 14); McGill. D. (1893, 97, 98); McGill, P. (1907); McGregor, D. (1904, 06); McGurk, M. (1899, 1900); McGurk, N. (1934); McKenzie, J. R. (1909, 10, 11, 12, 13) McKenzie, W. S. (1893, 4, 5, 6, 7); Nicholls, H. G. (1915, 19, 22, 23); Nicholls, H. E. (1917, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26); Nicholls, M. F. (1920, 21, 22 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31); Nunn, H. C. (1912 13, 14); O'Halloran, C. (1934, 37, 38); Parker, Albert (1918,20); Parker, Arthur (1913, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21); Parker, Geo. (1913); Parkin, R. (1920); Parrant, W. (1912); Peterson, D. S. (1928,29); Pole, H. V. (1917, 21); Pollock, H. R. (1929, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39); Potts, R. (1928, 29); Price, T. (1920, 21, 22); Priest, P. (1922); Pringle, W. P. (1891, 92 93, 94, 95, 99); Ramsden, A. (1905, 06); Ramsden, C. (1911, 12); Reed, A. (1907); Reid, E. J. (1929, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34); Reedy, W. (1907, 08, 12, 13, 14); Ryan, E. (1912, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 23); Ryan, James (1905, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20); Ryan, Joe (1908); Ryan, M. (1904, 6, 7, 8); Ryan, W. (1913, 14); Scott, W. A. (1917, 18); Selwood, G. H. (1903); Sharpe, M. (1905); Shardlow, R. (1909); Shore, J. (1895); Smith, A. E. (1920); Speedy, T. (1897, 8); Spence, G. (1926, 29, 30); Sullivan, C. (1904, 8); Sundgren, W. (1934); Tancred, H. E. (1915, 18, 19); Thomas, C. B. (1917, 18, 19, 20); Thomas, L. A. (1917, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28); Thomas, W. M. (1917, 18, 19); Udy, W. (1922); Warden, A. J. (1925, 26); Warner, W. (1905); Wood, J. (1891, 93); Wood, W. G. (1897, 98); Wright, H. R. (1903, 04, 05, 06); Wylie, H. H. (1921, 22); Wynyard, H. J. (1891, 2).

Rowing Club.

The ideal nature of the Petone foreshore led to the early establishment of the Petone Rowing Club. In October, 1900, Messrs. C. Poll and R. A. Palamountain, took the initial steps in the formation of the Club, and the original Committee consisted of Mr. T. Price, Patron; Mr. C. Poll. Club Captain; Mr. T. Slinn, Vice-Captain; Mr. W. H. Haggar, Hon. Secretary; Mr. J. Piper, Hon. Treasurer; Committee—Messrs. R. A. Palamountain, A. Carter, J. Woods, F. Priest, Nash, F. W. Packard, Martin and S. Godfrey.
The following is the imposing list of the Club's performances in Open Regattas, and their representatives in Provincial and New Zealand Crews:—

New Zealand Honours.

Melbourne Centenary Games, 1934–5, P. A. Abbott, Single Sculls. Empire Games, Sydney, 1938, Senior Fours, O. N. Clayton, A. Hope, K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby.

Provincial Honours. Eights.

(1927–28). A. Warden (2), J. Wilson (Coach). (1928–29). A. Warden (7), A. Hickson (6), A. Jones (2), L. White (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1929–30). C. Gimblett (3), W. Kennedy (2), T. Kearns (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1931–32). W. Lind (6), R. Meadows (5), K. Rodger (Bow), T. Kearns (Cox). (1932–33). G. Rodda (Str.), C. Gimblett (7), W. Lind (6), A. Hope (Bow), T. Kearns (Cox), J. R. Crawford (Coach). (1933–34). O. Clayton (Str.), P. Abbott (7), K. Boswell (6), R. Pritchard (5), D. Gane (4), R. Gardiner (3), C. Bishop (Bow), A. Jones (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1934–35). O. Clayton (Str.), A. Hope (7), K. Boswell (6), P. Abbott (5), D. Boswell (4), C. Gimblett (3), R. Sharon (2), D. Gane (Bow), A. Jones (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1935–36). O. Clayton (Str.), G. Leopard (7) D.Bos-
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Club House, Petone Rowing Club.

well (6), P. Abbott (3), K. Boswell (2), T. Kearns (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1936–37). O. Clayton (Str.), G. Leopard (7), K. Boswell (6), P. Abbott (5), D. Boswell (2), T. Kearns (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1937–38). O. Clayton (Str.), A. Hope (7), R. Sharon (6), W. Lind (5), D. Boswell (4), P. Abbott (3), I. Carter (2), G. Leopard (Bow), T. Kearns (Cox), A. White (Coach). (1938–39). O. Clayton (Str), K. Boswell (7), P. Abbott (5), I. Carter (4), D. Boswell (2), T. Kearns (Cox), A. White (Coach).

New Zealand Championships.

Double Sculls. (Auckland) March 2nd, 1935. P. Abbott, C. Gimblett. (Wellington) 1935–36. P. Abbott, C. Gimblett. (Picton) 1938–39. P. Abbott,K. Boswell.
Senior Fours. (Akaroa) February 27th, 1937. O. N. Clayton,A.Hope, K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby.

Open Regatta Honours.

Senior Fours. (Picton) 1925–26. A. E. White, A. L. Warden, A. S. Hickson, K. Rodger. (Picton) 1934–35. O. N. Clayton, A. A. Hope, R. W. Sharon, D. F. Gane. (Wellington) 1936–37. O. N. Clayton, A. Hope, K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby. (Picton) 1937–38. D. J. Boswell, P. A. Abbott, I. R. Carter G. H. Leopard. (Wellington) 1937–38. O. N. Clayton, A. Hope, K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby.
Senior Pairs. (Wellington) 1925–26. A. S. Hickson, A. L. Warden.
Junior Pairs (Lyttelton) 1903. G. Simpson, W. Keetley. (Wairau) 1905. J. Bonner, W. Keetley. (Wellington) 1910. B. Tremain, D. Byrnes. (Picton) 1920–21. M. Love, O. H. Haddock. (Wellington) 1921–22. M. Love, O. H. Haddock. (Picton and Wellington) 1924–25. A. S. Hickson, A. L. Warden. (Wellington) 1925–26. A. Maude, R. G.
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Messrs. P. A. Abbott and K. J. Boswell,

Winners of New Zealand Championship Double Sculls, Picton, 1939. Wellington, 1940.
Duncan. (Wellington) 1932–33. C. Gimblett, W. Lind. (Wellington and Picton) 1933–34. B. B. Crane, A. Hope. (Picton) 1934–35. D. McBride, H. R. Pritchard. (Wellington) 1934–35. K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby. (Wellington) 1935–36. K. J. Boswell, B. Rigby. (Wellington) 1936–37. D. McBride, P. Abbott. (Napier) 1938–39. F. Cassidy, H. R. Parsonage.
Junior Fours. (Wairau) 1905. J. Bonner, W. Keetley, W. Horne, A. Anderson. (Picton) 1912–13. B. Tremain, H. Parrant, W. Sharon, C. Burridge. (Lyttelton) 1912–13. B. Tremain, S. McFarlane, H. Parrant, W. Sharon. (Wellington) 1919–20. W. Hume, C. Moneen, A. White, J. Ingham. (Picton) 1920–21. R. M. Allan, O. Haddock, A. White, W. Hume. (Picton) 1924–25. R. Allan, A. Warden, A. Hickson, K. Rodger. (Picton) 1925–26. A. Jones, A. Maud, T. Slinn, R. Duncan, (Wellington and Wanganui) 1926–27. A. Jones, R. Cameron, T. Slum, R. Duncan. (Wanganui) 1930–31. L. Home, R. Meadows, W. Lind, C. Gimblett. (Wanganui) 1930–31, Welter-weight. G. Rodda, W. Childs, A. Ainslie, C. Palamountain. (Wanganui) 1930–31. G. Rodda, R. Meadows, W. Lind, C. Gimblett. (Picton and Wellington) 1930–31. W. Kennedy, R. Meadows, W. Lind, C. Gimblett. (Wanganui) 1931–32, Welter-weight. G. Rodda, R. Pritchard, T. Crook, G. Medhurst. (Wellington) 1931–32, Welter-weight. G. Rodda, T. Crook, R. Sharon, G. Medhurst. (Wellington) 1932–33, Welter-weight. F. Band, T. Crook. R. Pritchard, T. Watson. (Wanganui and Wellington) 1935–36, D. Boswell, G. Leopard, I. Carter, O. Anderson. (Wellington) 1936–37, D. Boswell, G. Leopard, I. Carter, A. Pritchard. (Wellington) 1937–38. K. Williams, H. Barraclough, F. Cassidy, T. Crook.
Maiden Fours. (Napier) 1910. B. Tremain, D. Byrnes, C. Burridge, L. Drummond. (Picton) 1921–22. G. Gardiner, A. Warden, C. McLaughlan, K. Rodger. (Marlborough) 1921–22. G. Gardiner, A: Warden, C. McLaughlan, K. Rodger. (Wellington) 1924–25. A Jones., A. Maud, T. Slinn, R. Duncan. (Picton) 1930–31. W. Kennedy, R. Meadows, W. Lind, C. Gimblett. (Wellington) 1931–32. K. Boswell, R. Crabtree, R. Sharon, L. Benge. (Picton) 1932–33. B. Crane, A. Hope, W. McGowan, G. London. (Wellington) 1932–33. D. McBride, R. Gardiner, B. Abrim, B. Rigby. (Wanganui) 1935–36. D. Boswell, G. Leopard, I. Carter, O. Anderson.
Maiden Pairs. (Napier) 1910. P. Arrowsmith, H. Parrant. (Wellington) 1919–20. M. Love, O. Haddock. (Picton) 1921–22. G. Gardiner, A. Warden. (Wellington) 1922–23. J. Weatherly, A. Hickson. (Wellington) 1932–33. B Crane, A. Hope. (Picton) 1932–33. B. Crane, A. Hope. (Picton) 1933–34. O. Clayton, P. Abbott. (Wellington) 1933–34. O. Clayton, N. Alexander. (Wellington) 1936–37. J. Howe, H. Barraclough. (Napier) 1937–38. F. Cassidy, H. Parsonage. (Wellington) 1937–38. J. Boswell, J. Tegg.
Youths Fours. (Wairau) 1905. B. Tremain, H. Shardlow, H. Ashcroft, R. Cunliff. (Napier) 1910. C. Drummond, S. McFarlane, P. Arrowsmith, H. Parrant. (Picton) 1921–22. G. Gardiner, A. Warden, C. McLaughlan, K. Rodger. (Wellington) 1923–24. C. McLaughlan, R. Cameron, G. Nicholls, A. Maud. (Wellington) 1924–25. L. Hume, R. Cameron, L. Grogam, J. Gaynor. (Picton and Wellington) 1934–35. D. Boswell, G. Leopard, I. Carter, O. Anderson.
Light-weight Maiden Fours. (Hawke's Bay) 1906. A. Bowen, R. Moore, H. Graham, J. Guthrie. (Marlborough) 1921–22. C. McLaughlan, K. Rodger, W. Wilson, R. Duncan. (Wellington) 1922–23. R. Hollick, A. Maud, W. Haddock, J. Wilson. (Picton and Wellington) 1924—25. E. Monks, F. Cropp, J. McLaughlan, G. Palamountain. (Wellington and Wanganui) 1925–26. G. Bucknall, R. McArthur, S. Burns, G. Medhurst. (Picton) 1927–28. F. Band, L. Bowater, J. Kirk, L. Wainscott. (Wellington) 1927–28. F. Band, L. Bowater, J. Morrison, L. Wainscott. (Wellington)
1928–29. G. Rodda, A. Collin, A. Ainslie, T. Watson. (Picton) 1929–30. W. Childs, R. Pritchard, S. Davis, J. Norton. (Wellington) 1929–30. W. Childs, R. Pritchard, S. Davis, T. Crook.

Sculling Honours.

Open Regatta: Maiden Singles. (Wanganui) 1931–32. P. Abbott.
Senior Singles. (Wellington) (Pearce Cup) 1932–33. W.Kennedy . (Picton and Wanganui) 1933–34. P. Abbott. (Picton) 1934–35. P. Abbott. (Picton and Wellington) (Pearce Cup) 1938–39. P. Abbott.
Junior Singles. (Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1928–29. W. Kennedy. (Wanganui) 1928–29. W. Kennedy. (Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1929- 30. W. Kennedy. (Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1930–31. L. Home. (Wanganui and Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1931–32. P. Abbott. (Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1932–33. P. Abbott. (Wellington) (Bridson Cup) 1938–39. K. Boswell.
Maiden Doubles. (Picton) 1913–14. B. Tremain, H. Parrant. (Picton and Wellington) 1925–26. H. Adamson, L. Boyd. (Wellington) 1928–29. W. Kennedy, C. Gimblett. (Picton) 1931–32. B. Crane, A. Hope. (Wellington) 1933–34. K. Boswell, R. Pritchard. (Christ- church, Napier and Wellington) 1937–38. J. Killalea, M. Clark. (Wellington) 1938–39. D. Boswell, J. Tegg.
Senior Doubles. (Wellington) 1934–35. P. Abbott, C. Gimblett (Christchurch) 1937–38. P. Abbott, C. Gimblett. (Wellington) 1938- 39. P. Abbott, K. Boswell.
Junior Doubles. (Wanganui) 1928–29. W. Kennedy, C. Gimblett. (Wanganui) 1931–32. B. Crane, A. Hope. (Wanganui) 1932–33. P. Abbott, L. Home.
Youths Doubles. (Christchurch) 1937–38. J. Killalea, M. Clark.
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Petone Cricket Club Senior Eleven.

Winners of Wellington Cricket Association Championship, Seasons 1919–20, 1920–21. W. S. Brice, Capt.


In common with the other countries of the British Empire, though not to such an extent as Australia, New Zealand has always been an enthusiastic cricketing nation. There has been, however, almost a revolutionary change in the game itself of recent years, due no doubt to the speeding up of the lives of the people in this mechanistic age. This has been the development of one-day cricket on the lines of the league cricket which has become so popular even in England. Though the Petone Cricket Club still continues as a member of the Wellington association, there are now some hundreds of the citizens of the borough affiliated to clubs in the one-day-playing Hutt Valley Association.
However, for the purposes of this record, the history of cricket in Petone is undoubtedly the history of the Petone Cricket Club. This club originally known as the Petone United Cricket Club, came into existence prior to the opening of the century. Since then, it has played no mean part in the progress of the game in the Wellington area, and also has had a large share in the development of the playing-grounds of the borough.
During the years of its existence, the following members have represented New Zealand: W. S. Brice (1909, 1910, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923); W. A. Cate (1922, 1923); C. S. Finlayson (1927, 1928); C. S. Dempster (1932, 1933).
The following have represented Wellington: W. S. Brice (1909, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28); W. A. Cate (1914, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 28); C. G. Finlayson (1918, 19, 20, 21); J. C. Burns (1914, 15); R. W. Hope (1929, 30, 32); A. E. Doneghue (1918, 19, 20, 21); E. W. Smyrke (1919, 20); C. S. Dempster (1932, 33); A. Gedye.(1919, 20); C. F. W. Allcott.(1932, 33); G. A. Rotherham (1928, 29); E. Roberts.(1918, 19, 28, 29); C. Bold.(1916, 17, 19, 20); M. F. Nicholls (1931, 32).
Representatives in Town v Country matches were: G. A. Rotherham (1928), L. Reyling.(1928), A. K. Hamilton (1930), C. S. Dempster (1932).


Although the Petone Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club has been formed comparatively recently, in 1927, prior to that date, Petone citizens had been prominent in the field of athletics, notably Messrs. M. Leadbetter.and W. Kyle. The former was provincial and Dominion champion for the 100 yards in 1924–25. 1925–26, 1926–27, and 1927–28 and for the 220 yards in 1925–26, 1926–27, and 1927–28; while the latter was provincial and Dominion champion for the 440 yards in 1924–25 and 1925–26.
The original committee of the club was Messrs. D. McCarthy, B. Lippitt, J. Wengdall, F. Band, S. Reid, H. J. Sutherland., D. Morris.and J. Reid. Since the formation of the club, there has been one more provincial and Dominion title-holder in the person of Mr. G. Bayne, mile champion in 1930–31 and 1931–32. In the Ladies' section of the sport, Miss J. Crampton.has been Provincial champion for the 75 yards in 1937–38 and 1938–39, the 100 yards in 1937–38 and 1938–39, and the 220 yards in 1938–39.
The Petone club has always played a prominent part in the cycling section of the sport, its most prominent members being, T. Roe.(who represented Wellington in 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939), P. Roe.(1st equal in 10 mile Provincial championship in 1937, 1/2 Mile Junior N.Z. Champion, 1936, 20 Mile Junior Provincial Champion, 1935 and 1936), and A. Pennington.(represented Wellington, 1938–39).
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Miss Nancy Curtis

Tennis Champion
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Miss Dulcie Nicholls

Tennis Champion.


The sport of Tennis has become increasingly popular as the years go by, and the number of clubs in Petone testify to the liking for the game shown by the people of the borough. To-day there are clubs associated with practically every church organisation, and numerous private clubs as well. For many years, however, the game was limited to the Petone Tennis Club in Britannia Street. This club was one of the first, if not the first, founded in the Wellington district. At its first general meeting held on October 27, 1893, the following were elected the first officers of the club: President, F. Wilkinson. Vice-Presidents, W. J. Kirk, T. J. Leighton., Mrs. A. Thompson. Secretary and Treasurer, A. N. Burns; Management Committee, Mrs. Wilkinson, Miss Chappie, Miss A. Holland. Messrs. A. Home. and F. J. Parsons.
The following are some of the records achieved by members of the club:—
Miss N. Curtis. N.Z. Ladies' Singles, 1920 and 1921; N.Z. Ladies' Doubles, 1921; N.Z. Mixed Doubles, 1920 and 1921; Auckland Ladies' Singles, 1920; New South Wales Ladies' Singles, 1921.
Mrs. Parkinson: Marlborough Ladies' Singles and Doubles, 1923. Miss D. Nicholls. N.Z. Ladies' Singles, 1929, 1932, 1934, 1935, 1936; N.Z. Ladies' Doubles, 1934, 1935; N.Z. Mixed Doubles, 1931, 1935, 1936; N.Z. Girls' Singles, 1923, 1924, 1925; North Island Ladies' Singles, 1934.
Miss V. Burns. N.Z. Girls' Singles, 1931; N.Z. Girls' Doubles, 1932; N.Z. Junior Mixed Doubles, 1932; Wellington Girls' Singles, 1932.
Miss J. Burns. N.Z. Girls' Singles, 1932, 1933; N.Z. Girls' Doubles,
1932; N.Z. Junior Hard Court Doubles, 1933; Wellington Girls' Singles,
1933; Wellington Ladies' Singles "B" Grade, 1933; Wellington Combined Doubles "B" Grade, 1933.
Mr. G. A. Pearce: Dannevirke Men's Doubles, 1936; Wairarapa Men's Doubles, 1936, 1937; South Island Mixed Doubles, 1937; Manawatu Men's Doubles, 1937; Waipawa Men's Doubles, 1937, Otago Men's Doubles, 1938.
Misses. N. Curtis. and D. Nicholls. won the Wellington Ladies' Singles several times each.

Association Football.

The Association code has been played in Petone since 1891, when the Petone Wanderers Club was started. This later became the present Petone Association Football Club. The club has had a fine record, and on two occasions succeeded in winning the coveted Chatham Cup, in 1928 and 1930.
The following are the names of members of the club who have gained representative honours: New Zealand: A. Leslie, 1936, 1937; J. Campbell, 1925; S. Haines, 1937. Wellington: W. Sparrow. E. M. Renai; H. H. Renai; J. Ingham. M. Porteous. D. Ferguson. A. Shaw. L. Gosney. J. Gilbertson. P. McVean, 1925, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34; J. Campbell, 1928, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34; A. Leslie, 1928, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 38, 39; S. Haines, 1928, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 37, 38, 39; D. Craig, 1930,31,32,33,35,36,37,38,39; W. Woods, 1935. 36, 37, 38, 39: R. Reid, 1935, 36, 38, 39; Colin Simon, 1939; B. Hanlan.(on six occasions). North Island: A. Leslie, 1932.


The Petone Hockey Club was founded in 1912, when it was known as the St. Augustine's Club. The foundation members were the Rev. G. B. Stephenson, and Messrs. C. H. Andrews, H. Hey, E. Wallace, E. G. Webley, M. Brien, L. E. Webley. In 1921, the name of the club was changed to that of the Petone Hockey Club, thus making the club purely undenominational. From small beginnings, the club has grown to its present flourishing state where it has teams entered in almost all the Wellington Hockey Association's grade championships. This year the club's intermediate team won the championship.


There are two bowling clubs in the Borough of Petone, the Petone Club established in 1897, and the more recently formed Central Bowling Club. The former was established mainly through the efforts of Dr. Kerr Hislop and Mr. James Horne, who acted as the first president and secretary respectively.
The Petone Club has the following excellent record:—N.Z. Champion Pairs, 1937: D. Hunter.and J. W. Lowry (S). Wellington Champions of Champion Rinks, 1920: A. Coles, G. D. McEwen, W. H. Melhuish and C. Beynon.(S); 1936: A. Bush, J. R. Robertson, W. H. Melhuish and O. Silbery.(S). Wellington Centre Xmas Tournament, 1916: W. Henry, A. Fowler, A. Coles.and C. Beynon.(S); 1918: J. Mudge, C. H. Bargh, J. R. Robertson and F. Laurie.(S). Wellington Centre Easter Rinks Tournament, 1934: G. H. Cates, F. Paul, J. W. Lowry and O. Silbery.(S). Champion of Champion Singles, 1920: A. Coles. 1937: O. Silbery.
The Borough of Petone also contains various other clubs interested in various branches of sport from the Ngaroma Croquet Club, founded in 1910, to the Petone Baseball Club, founded in 1937. Each is taking its part in generally making the name of Petone a force to be reckoned with in every branch of sport played in the Dominion.
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Petone Association Football Club—First Division Team

Winners of Chatham Cup, 1930.
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Petone Bowling Club.

The winners of the N.Z. Champion Pairs 1937. J. W. Lowry (S.) and D. Hunter.

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