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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Petone's Prescription Pharmacy.

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Williamson's Pharmacy is one of the oldest established retail businesses of Petone. Established in the late "nineties," it was purchased by the present proprietor, Mr. Charles A. Williamson, in 1910. The Pharmacy was then on the site at the corner of Fitzherbert and Jackson Streets. It occupied this position for another sixteen years, when, the centre of the population moving towards the east, Mr. Williamson decided to move to what was becoming the centre of the retail business area. The convenient two-storey building, combining pharmacy and dwelling was built in 1926, and is one of Petone's up-to-date establishments and a credit to the town.
The efforts made to live up to the Pharmacy's slogan: "From Williamson's Then It's Right! "have succeeded in building up an ever widening circle of friends and customers who appreciate the reliability of the services given. Mr. Williamson has had a long experience in pharmacy. He was apprenticed, in 1898, to W. E. Woods (the originator of Woods' Great Peppermint Cure), and has been engaged in pharmacy ever since. Mr. Williamson is ably assisted in the conduct of his pharmacy by his daughter, Margaret. Margaret was dux of the Petone Central School in 1928, and passed the Chemists Final examination in 1934—since when she has taken a large part in the conduct of the business.

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