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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


G. N. Raymond (N.Z.) Ltd.
Shoe Lasts.

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It is now realised that shoe lasts scientifically and carefully made, covering the requirements of style and fit, are as fundamentally important to the shoe industry as is the foundation to a skyscraper building.
The last carries this responsibility, and with it the health of the foot which the shoe covers. An improperly constructed last can distort the feet so that the whole body suffers. To-day, last makers give great consideration to correctly fitting lasts for children's feet, to ensure health and walking comfort when the children become adult men and women.
The modern factory illustrated above, and situated at the corner of Jackson and Te Puni Streets, Petone, houses the firm of G. N. Raymond (N.Z.) Ltd., who specialise in the manufacture of scientifically modelled lasts and other co-ordinated components, such as fibre counters, shanks, etc., necessary in the production of first-grade footwear. This factory has been n production only a few months. Associated with the new firm is G. N. Raymond Pty. Ltd., of Melbourne, who are well-known for quality workmanship throughout the Commonwealth and our Dominion.

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