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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Liebezeits Ltd.
"The Shop for Presents."

The firm of Liebezeits has been serving the residents of Petone for the past thirty-nine years.
The late Mr. A. Liebezeit arrived in Petone in 1892 and engaged in his trade as a basket-maker. Even in those days he felt that there were great possibilities in the future of the town, and in 1900 he decided to settle here and commenced business on his own account as a manufacturer of wicker furniture.
A considerable wholesale trade was carried on, but the retail shop was always connected with the business, and Petone's younger generation in those days were wheeled in "Liebezeit's" prams (of rather different design than those of to-day). However, from about 1913 the stock of the retail shop was extended to include china, glassware, household hardware and fancy goods. This part of the business grew rapidly and, in 1920, the manufacturing section was disposed of and the retail shop enlarged and remodelled several times to cope with the growing trade.
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In 1929, the premises were demolished and the present fine structure built. Extensive alterations have been carried out since then to keep up with the demands of modern retail methods.
The business extended its activities to Lower Hutt in 1928 and the success of this venture was proved when, in 1933, the present modern premises were erected.
Liebeziets have been privileged to share the remarkable progress that has been evident in Petone during the last half century, and to-day it enjoys the valued goodwill of thousands of residents. It has always endeavoured to supply quality merchandise, and during these years, has built up a valuable connection in the China, Crystal, Pottery, Cutlery and Hardware trades.
Visitors from larger towns have been amazed at the variety and extent of the stocks, and have readily declared that the selection of English Dinner Sets and Tea Sets alone is equal, if not better, than any display to be found in the larger cities. Ninety-nine per cent. of the goods stocked are of British origin—a significant fact.
Messrs. August and Noel Liebezeit, who are now in charge of the business, are justly proud of the standard they maintain, and also of the loyal support given by Petone residents.

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