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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Petone's Oldest Cycle Business.

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Mr. Len Jenness has, for approximately 30 years, in a literal maimer, assisted the wheels of industry to turn in the Hutt Valley. In 1911, after a thorough grounding in cycle building and repair-work, he purchased his present business, which had been established some years before, and is the oldest cycle business in Petone, and by unremitting and conscientious attention to detail, has built up the present successful industry. Mr. Jenness is a member of one of the pioneer families, was born in Wellington and has lived all his life in the Hutt Valley.
Before radio was commercialised, he took up the work of building sets as a hobby, and presently turned the hobby in good service for himself and the general public, as his establishment is now recognized as the leading radio repair business in Petone. One of Mr. Jenness' great business assets is his personal character. For many years he was an active church worker in connection with the Lower Hutt Methodist church. He was organist for the Taita church for four years, the Alicetown Congregation church for three years and for many years served at the Wainui church.
For the past 25 years he has been an active worker in the Petone Methodist church, and in this connection, was in charge of the Jackson Street Methodist church trust for 10 years.

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