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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Kenners Limited.

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Kenners Limited are proud to share in the Centenary Celebrations of the Petone—Hutt Valley District, and would like to offer its sincerest congratulations to the Petone Borough Council and other local Governing Bodies for their remarkable achievement in this district.
Although we are not celebrating our Centenary, the name of Kenners Limited has been associated with Petone for many years past. During this period the country has passed through various troublous periods, but Kenners Limited, under the direction of its Governing Director, Mr. W. R. Kenner, has always maintained the policy of supplying good, reliable furniture, at prices to suit every pocket.
Over twenty years ago, in a small workshop 20 ft. x 20 ft., Mr. Kenner first commenced business in Wellington. In this comparatively short time the business has grown to such an extent that he now controls a large organisation, consisting of several retail branches and factories.
Many reasons for this remarkable advancement have been put forward, but possibly the main reason is that Mr. Kenner, recognising that the working man is the backbone of the country, always endeavours to cater for the worker and in doing so, give the worker good, reliable furniture at the cheapest possible price. For this reason Mr. Kenner was anxious to open a store in Petone.
Although the commencement was only very humble, to-day the Store which bears Kenners Limited's name is one of the finest buildings in Jackson Street. Surely this is striking evidence of the faith and confidence of Kenners Limited in the Petone people and district.
At the same time, we do not desire to take all the credit, and would like to thank the people of Petone who have so loyally supported us. To those residents of Petone who have not yet given us their patronage, we would say, "Kenners Limited, together with the Petone district, stands for progress and advancement; we have confidence in you and the future of your district."

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