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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Lightening Woman's Burden.

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The Ideal Bag Wash Laundry, 201 The Esplanade, Petone.

Another application of the proverb "Great Oaks from little Acorns grow," is found in the business of the "Ideal Laundry."
In September, 1926, the present proprietors, Messrs. J. Roberts and McC. Noble, began operations on the present site of the modern laundry, pioneering the way to their present popularity, and, by dint of hard work, and capable management, can look back with pride to satisfaction given to themselves, the staff, and their customers.
To-day, the modern building and plant speaks, in itself, volumes for the firm's endeavour to serve the public satisfactorily.
In 1926, the wages paid to employees was approximately £320 per annum. To-day the wages bill, of a staff of 40 operatives, totals £12,000 per annum. This progress, in view of strong competition, can safely be regarded as something of which the proprietors are proud and which gives them an incentive to further enhance the progress of the last fourteen years. The laundry is equipped with every modern appliance and convenience for speed, cleanliness, efficiency, and staff comfort, and the firm gives an assurance that no effort will be spared to increase the service and give further satisfaction.
The slogan now is: "Let the Laundry do it," and the "Ideal" is ever on the alert to lift the burden from the shoulders of the womenfolk by giving satisfactory service.
The firm desires to join with the Borough Council and the residents in celebrating a century of progress and pays its meed of praise to the pioneers of long ago.

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