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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


How the News comes to Petone

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From its earliest days the policy of "The Evening Post" has been to give the fullest possible service not only to the city where it is published but also to the evergrowing districts that make up Wellington's hinterland. To that extent the newspapers can claim to have played no small part in the development of the Wellington province.
"The Post" was established in Wellington on February 8, 1865. Petone was then a small and scattered settlement and the means of transport from Wellington were still irregular. In spite of those difficulties, however, the circulation was extended to the Hutt Valley and from the earliest days the people of Petone were able to use "The Post" as a medium for keeping in touch with the latest developments in local and world news.
As Petone developed so did the service given by "The Post." A growing population demanded an improved system of distribution and in the early eighties came the establishment of the newspaper's first Petone agency. The first agent was Mr. S. R. Johnson, who was later to become Petone's first Mayor, and the building from which he operated still stands today. In those days "The Post" was sent out from Wellington by train and distributed throughout the settlement by a man on horseback. In 1914 a branch office was established at Petone and in 1927 the two-story concrete building which serves as the headquarters of "The Post" in Petone was erected. Today the branch not only handles a large volume of advertising, as well as commercial printing, but attached to it is a staff of journalists which gives day-to-day reports of the many activities of the Hutt Valley. Petone residents who buy the "Evening Post"—and the paper goes into practically every house in the district—can thus be assured of being kept in touch with events which intimately concern them and also with up-to-date national and international news. They also have the benefit of the wide range of advertisements which are published.
Today the latest edition of "The Post" is quickly transported to Petone by motor cars and speedily delivered by newsboys. In addition to direct delivery, the branch controls the operations of a number of agencies from which the paper can be purchased. Thus "The Post" is distributed over a very wide area in the Hutt Valley.
Another important service which the branch gives to the people of Petone is the prompt delivery on Saturday nights of the "Sports Post," bringing to the public the latest news of sporting and other events, as well as a wealth of other weekend reading.

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