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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Containers of the Dominion's Produce.

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In its position as one of the chief food suppliers of the British Empire, the Dominion has in recent years developed the packing industry and, in common with many other industries, Petone is an important centre. One of the chief needs of this industry is containers and it was to fulfil this demand that in 1933 the important firm of J. Gadsen and Co., Ltd., decided to transfer its plant to Petone.
The company was incorporated in Christchurch in 1922, but had operated in New Zealand for many years prior to incorporation.
In the year of its incorporation a branch was opened in Wellington, and owing to its steady progress, larger and more up-to-date premises were required and Petone, "the home of industries," was chosen.
The firm's plant is entirely modern; the machinery automatic, and containers holding from an 1/8th pint to four gallons are made to meet the needs of meat, fruit and other packers of foodstuffs.
To meet the growing demands, the firm has had from time to time to increase its staff, and at the present time over 100 are employed in Petone.
From this and from its two other branches in Auckland and Wellington, goods are dispatched from one end of New Zealand to the other.
The canisters are completely manufactured and finished even to the printing, so that the firm is in a position to supply either plain or printed canisters to meet all needs. In addition, the firm also manufactures calico and hessian bags, plain or printed.
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