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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Furnishing Petone

To Mr. and Mrs. Home-maker a piece of furniture is simply a piece of furniture to be chosen with care before or after marriage, and used with varying degrees of frequency for the rest of their married life; but, to Mr. R. J. Dales, there is much more to it than that. When, in 1928, he set up in business in Petone as a furniture dealer, he had one guiding principle before him, and that was to make the best furniture he possibly could at prices which the average married couple could easily afford.
The people of Petone apparently liked Mr. Dales' business ideas for he soon built up a considerable connection which, in spite of the difficult depression years from 1930 to 1935, brought him a steady flow of trade, which eventually laid the foundation of the business on a firm footing.
With the return of prosperity to the district, Mr. Dales quickly added other sections to his business in keeping with the demands of his numerous and now financially better off customers. He engaged a clever designer of pelmets, bedspreads, and other soft furnishings, and soon augumented his general trade to a considerable degree.
Mr. and Mrs. Homemaker were now able to get locally, many amenities to their home which formerly required a visit to town. In March of this year, Mr. Dales decided to form his business into a limited liability company. This was the crowning action to complete the structure of the "House of Dales" and was quickly recognised as such by many of the large importing firms whose buying facilities were now placed at his disposal. Thus, the furniture trade commenced in an unpretentious way eleven years ago, went on from strength to strength until it now stands on a rocklike foundation, a fitting tribute to the enterprise and integrity of its founder.

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