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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Petone Dyes for the Dominion.

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Dominion Dyers is one of the finest of many examples of which Petone is proud: a business built from the smallest of beginnings to a flourishing industry by the courage, foresight, and persistent energy of one of its citizens.
Dominion Dyers was founded by Mr. Alec Anderson in 1901. The first works in Cuba Street consisted of a shed 30 ft. x 12 ft, built of second- hand corrugated iron. The boiler was second-hand of 5h.p., which the local gas works had dispensed with, the number of dye vats was two, and the number of employees one—viz., Mr. Anderson. In 1910, a fresh start was made on the present site in Nelson Street, to which the shed was removed and a small dye-house erected in brick; by this time the number of employees had increased 100 per cent., there being two. From 1910 to the present day, the works have been added to bit by bit, and equipped with the latest and most modern plant for the dyeing and finishing of silk hosiery, woollen, silk and cotton piece goods. Expert dyers, finishers, etc., have been brought from the Old Country, with the result that grey goods of all descriptions are sent to the Dominion Dyers to be dyed and finished.
In addition, Dominion Dyers who, in 1901 cleaned garments by hand, pressed them with a flat iron and delivered them per push bike, now have a dry cleaning plant, as well equipped as any in the world, and a fleet of trucks to pick up and deliver goods, also 4 shops in Wellington, 1 in Petone, and 1 in Masterton. The number of employees to-day is 91, and the up-to- date factory buildings cover 1 acre of land.

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