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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


An Old Firm with Modern Methods.
Carey's Cash Drapery Stores.
Petone. Lower Hutt. Miramar.

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Commencing business in Petone, during April, 1910, thirty years ago, Mr. J. R. Carey purchased the controlling interest in the General Store of Webley and Co. (now Stellin's Buildings), Jackson Street. Later, this property was purchased by Stellin and Co., Mr. Carey moving to modern premises opposite the Post Office, their present site. Much thought, investigation, and care was taken in this new Store, as is evidenced in the fact that the building, after twenty-five years, is still modern and up-to- date, with the finest natural lighting in the Valley.
Mr. Carey's two sons, after training at the D.I.C. Wellington, sought further experience in London Stores, returning to form, with Mr. Carey, Snr., the present partnership business in 1925. Extensions followed, a Branch Store at Miramar was started, and later, in 1930, one at Lower Hutt, which has grown so rapidly that it is now the same size as the main Store at Petone.
Mr. Carey, Snr. has always been an advocate for shorter hours, and his was the first firm in Wellington, if not New Zealand, to close at 5–30 p.m., also the first Drapery Store to close on Easter Saturday.
The firm has always had great faith and confidence in Petone and Lower Hutt, realizing its importance and unique position in New Zealand. Proof of this is the fact that both the Petone and Lower Hutt properties have been purchased. The members of the firm believe in the future of the Valley, and are proud to have been able to contribute, in business and civic life, to its development.
For over thirty years the trading policy has been the same, endeavouring to stock only reliable merchandise at competitive cash prices, giving the fullest service possible, to all customers.
They appreciate fully the loyalty of their many business friends who have many of them been dealing with the firm since its commencement, and pledge themselves to continue the policy, which has built and maintained the Firm.

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