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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)


Petone's Dry Ice Factory.

The most modern Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice Factory of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere was placed in production at 37 Victoria Street, Petone, on the 4th October, 1939. This factory is owned and operated by Carbonic Ice Ltd., with Head Office at Christehurch.
Carbon anhydride, carbonic gas, or carbon dioxide, as it is variously termed has the distinction of being the first gas discovered. It is, under normal conditions, a colourless gas, one and a half times heavier than air and chemically is the combination product of the elements, carbon and oxygen, having the formula, C02.
On account of its purity, its non-oxidizing quality, its inhibitive and disinfecting action on bacteria, and its ability to stimulate taste sensation, carbon dioxide has found its application in various uses in the food products industries. Its principle outlet in this field is, of course, in the manufacture of carbonated beverages.
The primary reason for introducing carbon dioxide into beverages is to give the public what it wants by improving the taste and appearance of certain beverages and by imparting sparkle and "life" to them. It is recognized that carbon dioxide has a stimulating effect on the nerves of smell and taste, accentuates flavours, and makes the senses more delicate and perceptive.

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