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Petone's First 100 Years (1940)



The Mayor of Petone—G. London, Esq. 5
Right Hon. M. J. Savage, Late Prime Minister 7
Hon. W. Nash, Minister of Finance and Member for the District 7
Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Industries and Commerce 7
Court House of the First Settlement of New Zealand at Pito-one, 1839 11
Modern Petone from Koro Koro Hills 12
The Raising of the Flag 14
Te Puni's New Pa (Te Tatua-o-te-po) behind the Pito-one Pa 16
Te Puni's Pa, Pito-one, showing Colonel Wakefield's Quarters and the Chapel 16
Laying a Wreath on the Grave of Te Puni 19
The Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorial erected on Water front, Petone 20
Port Nicholson, showing Maori Place Names 23
Mudgway's House, Tennyson Street, Petone 26
Britannia (Pito-one), 1840 29
Plan showing Original Subdivision of Petone 32
Iona Cross 36
Portraits of Pioneers—
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Collett 37
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Riddler 37
Petone's Original Farm Lands, showing Railway, with Percy's Mill in foreground 39
Mr. Henry Collett's Residence, taken on the day of the running of the first train in the Hutt Valley 41
Portraits of Pioneers—
Mr. and Mrs. White 43
Mr. James Sellar 43
Captain and Mrs. Moss 43
Entrance to Petone's Second Railway Station 47
The Gear Works, 1881 48
A West End Contrast: Growth of Industry over the years 49
A Settler's House, Pito-one Flat 51
A Contrast: Jackson Street, Petone, before and after widening Operations 58–59
Spillway of Petone Borough Council Reservoir on Koro Koro Stream 62
A Picturesque Scene—Koro Koro Stream 65
In Memoriam—Petone's tribute to her heroic dead 73
Petone Fire Brigade—Manual Engine and First Fire Station, 1892 77
Petone Fire Brigade—Present Fire Station 77
Petone Borough Council 78
Mayors of Petone—
Mr. W. J. Kirk 79
Mr. S. R. Johnson 79
Mr. R. C. Kirk 79
Mr. R. Mothes 79
Mr. G. T. London 81
Mr. J. W. McEwan 81
Mr. D. McKenzie 81
Mr. A. Scholefield 81
Municipal Buildings, Erected 1905 86
Petone Borough Council Inside Staff, 1939 87
Petone Borough Council Outside Staff, 1939 89
A Contrast: Jackson Street, looking West from Empire Hotel, before and after widening 91
Jackson Street—A Contrast 102
Trotting Race 104
Percy's Mill 106
Mayor's Home 107
Jubilee Celebrations—
The Grandstand 109
The Religious Service 111
The Laykold Cup 111
Display of pupils of Technical College 111
Jubilee Choir 113
Reunion Official Table 115
Reunion Guests 118, 120, 121, 122
Display Primary Schools 124
Maori Day 124
Maori Cooking 125
Aquatic Display 125
Signatures of Guests 126, 127, 128
Fire Brigades' Competitions 130
Fire Brigades' Conference 130
St. Augustine's, Church of England 132
Wesley Church 134
Rev. A. Thomson 136
Catholic Church 139
Hutt Valley Technical College 145
Koro Koro School 147
Business Firms' Illustrations 149–211
Centennial Memorial Window 213
Centennial Pageant 216
Opening of Memorial 216
Hutt Valley Memorial Technical College Pupils 219
Petone's First Grandstand 219
Petone Rugby Champions 220–221
Petone Rowing Club Premises 223
Petone Rowing Champions 224
Petone Cricket Team 226
Petone Tennis Champions 228
Chatham Cup Winners 230
Bowling Champion Pairs 230
Municipal Building, 1906 234
Jackson Street in the days of Horse Transport 234
Petone Dispensary 237
United Friendly Society Dispensary Board 238
First Hutt Band 240
Plunket Rooms 242
Kindergarten 243
Working Mens' Club 246, 247, 248
St. Augustine's Boy Scouts 249
Sea Scouts 251
Petone Navals 254
The Post Office 257
Petone Railway Station, 1906 258
Petone Railway Workshops, 1906 258
Petone Wharf 260
Old Stormwater Drain, Jackson Street 262
Arbor Day 264
Petone Beach 264
First Petone Borough Council, 1888 266
Sunset—Petone Beach 267

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