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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, November 07 (1840)

According to a statement in the South Australian Record of Saturday last, bread is at the enormous price of 5d. per lb. in Adelaide.
Messrs. Braithwaite and Ramsay have determined to hold their emigration Soirées twice a month, that is, on the first and second Wednesday of each month, for the future, instead of weekly as previously announced. They bid fair to be attractive.
We are in informed by several persons who have arrived from the interior, that the appearance of the country is truly delightful. The wheat and barley already sown is up, and appears healthy and promising. Agricultural operations have been conducted with great vigour in various localities. Our forthcoming harvest, we believe, will be both abundant and remunerating.— Southern Australian.
Fine flour was selling in Adelaide, on the 1st of May, at £50 to£60 per ton, seconds at £40; four-pound loaf, 1s 8d; oats, 12s per bushel; rice, 3d per pound; potatoes, £25 per ton, 4d per pound: hay, £13 per ton; beef, 81/2d to 10d per pound; mutton, 8d to 10d; veal and pork, 1s; salt pork, per barrel, £9; fresh butter, 3s 6d; salt butter, 2s to 2s 6d; cheese 3s per pound; eggs, 4s per dozen; sugar, £35 to £45 per ton; tea, £11 per chest; rum, 10s per gallon; brandy, 14s.

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