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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, October 24 (1840)


Departure of the First Vessel of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand.

The Directors of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand intend to celebrate the departure of their first ship, the William Bryan, by a splendid dejeuner on the 30th inst. at Plymouth,at which all the nobility and gentry of the neighbourhood, and many county families from a distance, are expected to be present. The old colonising spirit of the West is beginning to be thoroughly awakened, and New Zealand is uppermost in every one's mind. We understand that the present expe­dition, which comprises the Company's officers, and about one hundred to one hundred and twenty labouring emigrants, has been fitted out with the greatest judgment and efficiency, and that the cargo of the ship com­prises every description of store requisite for the infant colony. The Directors have acted with great wisdom in postponing the departure of the first body of settlers, who will thus be spared all the inconveniences which the Australian and Wellington emigrants have suffered in conse­quence of following too closely on the heels of the surveyors. The main body of colonists are to sail in January, and amongst them one of the most distinguished is the lineal descendant and representative of Captain Tobias Furneaux, whose name is honourably connected with the history of New Zealand, as the friend and colleague of Cook, and as the intro­ducer of the European vegetables which are in the island. Mr. Furneaux is, we understand, well acquainted with the Australian Colonies, and therefore able to appreciate the advantages possessed by New Zealand.

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