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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, October 10 (1840)

The British and Australasian Bank, 55, Moorgate-street, London.
Notice to parties wishing to effect Remittances of Money to Australia or Van Diemen's Land.—Bills and Letters of Credit will be granted by the Directors of the is Bank, until further notice, upon Sydney, and Port Philip in Australia, or upon Hobart Town and Launceston, in Van Diemen's Land, at the rate of £105 for every sum of £100 paid at this Office.
June 12.
Union Bank of Australia.
London Office, 38, Old Broad-street.
George Fife Angas, Esq.
Robert Brooks, Esq.
John William Buckle, Esq.
James John Cummins, Esq.
Robert Gardner, Esq. Man­chester.
John Gore, Esq.
Benjamin E. Lindo, Esq.
Charles E. Mangles, Esq.
Christopher Rawson, Esq. Halifax.
Thomas Sands, Esq. Liver­pool.
James Bogle Smith, Esq.
James Ruddell Todd, Esq.
George Carr Glyn, Esq.
John Gore, Esq.
James J. Cummins, Esq.
Bankers.—Messrs. Glyn, Halifax, Mills, and Co.
Secretary.—Samuel Jackson, Esq.
Colonial Inspector.—John Cunningham M'Laren, Esq.
New Zealand Branch.
Local Directors.
Geo. S. Evans, Esq., D.C.L.
Edw. Betts Hopper, Esq.
Geo. Hunter, Esq.
Manager.—John Smith, Esq.
Arrangements having been made for the opening of a Branch in New Zealand, Notice is hereby given that Letters of Credit (which are not transferable) and Bills, at thirty days sight, will be issued at this Office to the Settlers, for such sums as they may require, without charge, on the money being deposited.
By order of the Board,
Samuel Jackson, Secretary.
The Directors op the New Zealand Company hereby give notice, that they have effected an Arrangement with the Directors of the Union Bank of Australia for the establishment of a Branch Bank in New Zealand, through which the business of the New Zealand Company will be transacted. The Directors therefore recommend to Colonists the Union Bank of Australia as an establishment possessing their entire confidence, and able to provide effectually for the financial wants of the Settlers.
By order of the Directors,
John Ward, Secretary.
The Directors op the Plymouth Company of New Zealand also give notice, that their Colonial business will be transacted through the medium of the Union Bank of Australia. They join in the recommend­ation of the Directors of the New Zealand Company.
By order of the Directors,
Thos. Woollcombe, Secretary.
Commercial and Colonial Agency Office, and Subscription Rooms, 35, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars.
Messrs. Braithwaite & Ramsay, beg to announce that they have opened the above spacious, central, and commodious premises, as an Establishment for the use of all persons intending to take part in promoting the new system of Colonization now approved by the Government, and generally acted on by Colonising Associations. To carry out this great plan for the relief of the existing distress, every information will be given, and every as­sistance afforded to persons proceeding to the British Colonies, or their friends, who may from time to time be desirous of communicating with them. Parties residing in the country may, through Messrs. Braithwaite and Ramsay, transact their London business by letter, and every facility will be secured for dispatching the same with accuracy and expedition.
The heads of families and all persons proposing to emigrate, will find superior advantages connected with this establishment. Apartments are reserved for their use, in New Bridge-street, provided with the best pub­lications: the most correct maps will be furnished of the newly settled colonies, distinguishing the town and country sections, and giving in detail every particular which may guide the emigrant in filing the locality of his future home. Messrs. Braithwaite and Ramsay being the appointed agents to the South Australian Commissioners, as also to the New Zealand and Western Australian Companies, for the sale of allot­ments, &c., will be able to give the latest infor­mation on points connected with the rules laid down for the government and regulation of the new dependen­cies, and on the various important subjects interesting to men who are about to visit those distant regions.
Being in daily communication with the great Com­mercial Houses in all the manufacturing districts, capitalists leaving England, may, through Messrs. Braithwaite and Ramsay, have opportunities for se­lecting and purchasing at the lowest possible price all articles essential to the traveller or the colonist.
N.B.—No subscription required from emigrants, or charge made for the purchase of land.
Patronised by the Plymouth Company of New Zealand.
Messrs. John Turpin and Wm. Barrett, Carpenters and Builders, beg to inform gentlemen intending to emigrate to the Settlement of New Plymouth, that they have been engaged to erect emigrants' houses and stores for the Directors of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand, and have numerous plans of private dwelling houses of framed boarding, which can be erected and shipped on the most moderate terms.
South side street or Octagon-road, Plymouth.
To Landowners and Merchants who are about to proceed to New Zealand.
A Young Man, without incum­brance, is desirous of engaging himself to any Gentleman or Company where he could make himself generally useful, either in works of Agriculture, or as an Artisan, A. B. having a general knowledge of many of its most useful branches, or as Storekeeper.
Apply by letter, post-paid, to A. B., Mr. Campbell,
John street, Berkeley-square, London.
For New Zealand.—The fast-sailing, first class, British built barque Jane, 500 tons, Captain Stobo, is under contract to sail for Wellington, the Bay of Islands, and Hokianga, on the 17th of October, and has only room for a few cabin and intermediate passengers, and about 50 tons of goods. 12 choice sections of the Company's land on sale on advantageous terms to passengers per Jane Apply to Captain Stobo, on board; to Hofman and Schenk, Vine-street, Minories; Tinkler and Hancock, 17, St. Dunstan's-hill, Tower-street; or to R. Donglas and Co., 13, Billiter-street.
For Sydney and New Zealand (under contract to sail 21st October with liberty to touch at the Cove of Cork), the A I re­markably fast-sailing barque Sir John Falstaff, 518 tons register, Lieutenant W. H. Dixon, R.N., Commander; lying in the St. Katharine's Dock. This splendid ship carries an experienced surgeon, and has been selected for the conveyance of several families of distinction. The accommodations for cabin, interme­diate, and steerage passengers are of the first order, and fitted up with every convenience conducive to comfort
For freight or passage apply on board; to Tinkler and Hancock, St. Dunstan's hill; to R. Douglas and Co., 4, Church-row, Fenchurch-street, or to John Sharpe, 29, St. Swithin's-lane, Lombard-street.
N.B. The servants of cabin passengers will be allowed a steerage passage on payment of £5, if in conformity with the Colonial regulations.
The Australasian Steam Navigation Company.—This Company is formed for the establishment of steam communication between South Australia, Western Australia, Australia Felix, Van Diemen's Land, New South Wales, and New Zealand. A detailed prospectus will be ready for delivery next week at the Company's offices, 20, Adam-street, Adelphi, Strand. N.B. Three of the Company's vessels are already despatched to Australia.
Ship for New Zealand.—Wanted.
The Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company hereby give notice, that they will be ready, on Thursday, the 15th day of October inst., at Two o'clock precisely, to receive Tenders for the conveyance of about One Hun­dred Steerage Passengers, in a Ship of not less than 300 tons, old register, from the port of London to Port Nicholson, in New Zealand, to sail on the first day of December next.
The Tenders to be made according to a Form which may be had on application at the Company's house.
The Directors do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest Tender.
Dated at the house of the New Zealand Company in Broad-street-buildings, the 8th day of Oct. 1840.
By order of the Court,
John Ward. Secretary.
George Coram, Agricultural
Implement maker, Cart Builder, &c., begs to inform gentlemen proceeding to the Settlement of New Plymouth or Wellington, in New Zealand, or the Aus­tralian Colonies, that he has been extensively employed in manufacturing articles for agricultural purposes for exportation, and is new executing an order from the Directors of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand.
G. Coram will be happy to supply Carts, Waggons, Ploughs, and every species of agricultural implement on the most reasonable terms, properly packed for ex­portation.
Higher Stoke, Devonport.
Passengers to Australia or any of the Colonies are respectfully informed that they can be supplied with their entire Outfits at S. Unwin's, 67 and 58 Lombard street; with White or Striped Shirts, Towels, Table Linen, Sheets, Hosiery, Shooting Coats, Drill, Gambroon, Jean and Cantoon Trowsers, all kind of Woollen Clothing, in Dress or Frock Coats. Trowsers, and Beat Cloaks, also Sea Bedding, Cots, Single and Double Couches, Cabin Furniture, Trunks, &c. Ladies will find a large stock of White and Coloured Morning Dresses, Linen and Calico Chemises, Night Gowns, Caps, Cambric Slips, and every description of Under Clothing, at the lowest wholesale prices.
Shirts, at wholesale prices, at W.H. Ablett and Co.'s, 37, Cornhill. Not less than half-a-dozen sold. Calico Shirts, 9s., 12s., 18s., and 24s. per dozen; ditto, with plaited fronts, 18s., 21a. and 30s. per dozen; ditto, long cloth, with fine linen collars, wristbands, and plaited linen fronts, 30s., 36s., 45s., and best quality, 78s., usually sold at 8s. 6d. each; linen shirts all prices very fine, 9s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. each; linen collars, 3s. 6d., 5s. 6d., 6s. 6d., fine 8s. 6d. and 10s. 6d. per dozen: ladies' chemises, 9s., 13s., fine 18s. and 24s. per dozen: night gowns, 21s., 24a., and fine, with frills, 36s. per dozen. For cash. Letters prepaid.
Manning's Portable Colonial Cottages
Patronised by Her Majesty's Honourable Board of Ordnance, by each of the Surveyors-General in the Co­lonies of South Australia and New Zealand, by the New Zealand Land Company, and the principal Offi­cers and Gentlemen connected with Australia.
H. Manning, 251, High Holborn respectfully informs those whom it may interest, that he continues to manufacture Portable Colonial Cottages, on his peculiar plan, which has hitherto given such entire satisfaction; he is constantly receiving from the Colonies the most gratifying accounts of the comfort and profites which many parties are receiving from them. These Cottages can be removed from one station to another, struck and erected again in a few hours. They are pannelled throughout, painted inside and outside, with doors and fastenings, glazed folding windows, floors, joists, and roofing complete. No extra charge or packing and delivery at the Docks.
Permanent Houses of Framed Studs, with inside and outside Boards, Boarded Floors, Ceilings and Roofs; Doors and Glazed Windows complete. Packed up for shipment. Well adapted for Colonists, from their moderate cost, great portability, facility of erection, and real comfort. Plans and models at P. Thompson's Manufactory, New Road, Regent's park.
Just Published, price 2s 6d in cloth,
An Earnest address to New Zealand Colonists, with Reference to their Intercourse with the Native Inhabitants; By the Rev. Montague Hawtrey, M.A., Author of Sponsors for the Poor. London: John W. Parker West Strand.
Third edition, price 3d.,
New Zealand Described; together with a "Few Words Of Advice on the Subject of Emigration," in a Letter to the Labouring Class.
London: George Mann, 39, Cornhill.
"This description is the best, as well as briefest, we have seen."—South Australian Record.
"This Tract is precisely what was wanted. We earnestly recommend the work to those to whom it is addressed. It is honestly intended, and faithfully ex­ecuted."—New Zealand Journal.
This day is published, price 2s.,
Western Australia, comprising a Description of the Vicinity of Australind and Port Leschenault with Two Maps,
By Thomas John Buckton, Esq.
Author of "China Trade," Ac., &c.
London: John Ollivier, 59, Pall Mall.
To Emigrants.
Amusement on the Voyage. Harvey and Darton have a great variety of Books constantly on Sale; and give their beat at­tention to making up Selections for intending emigrants.
N.B. School Books and Stationery in general. 55, Gracechurch-street.
Settlement of New Plymouth.
Under the Plymouth Company of New Zealand.
The Directors of the Plymouth Company of New Zealand hereby give notice, that the priority of Choice for the whole of the Town Sections (2,200 in number) having been decided, 600 numbers of choice, ranging from 46 to 2,199, have been selected from those which have fallen to the Company; and 100 of these choices, added to 100 50-acre Rural Sections, are now offered exclu­sively to Colonists who depart with the first expedition, or within four months; a second set of 100 to Colonist who depart with the second expedition, or within six months; and a third set of 100 to Colonists who depart with the third expedition, or within eight months from this date respectively.
Each separate set of purchasers will draw for priority of choice as between themselves, and the first set will first choose at pleasure out of 600, then the second out of 600, and, lastly, the third out of 400, of the num­ber above referred to.
The range of choice offered by the Directors will enable purchasers drawing consecutive numbers to choose Town Sections, adjoining, in many instance, to the extent of an acre, and in some of an acre and a half. The Rural Sections may in all cases be chosen adjoin­ing, to any extent, in the order of presenting the Land-orders in New Zealand.
The price of each double Land-order for the United Sections is £75, a deposit of £20, to be paid on applica­tion, £25 three days before the order of choice is drawn, of which 21 days' notice will be given, and the balance on delivery of the Land-order, or on embarkation. An addition has been made to the Emigration Fund, from which liberal passage allowances are made; and a special fund is set apart for extra allowance to capi­talists.
Printed Particulars of the allowances in detail, with the numbers open for choice, and other requisite infor­mation, may be had on application to the Secretary; to John Ward, Esq., New Zealand House, London; or to any Agent of the Company.
The Board have suspended Sales, except to Colonists until further notice.
By Order of the Board,
Thomas Woolcombe, Secretary.
Office of the Company, 5, Octagon, Plymouth,
August 31, 1840.
To be Sold.—The Town acre, and Country Section of 100 acres, No. 46, in the Town of Wellington, Port Nicholson. Price 809 guineas. Apply to John Gibson, 9, Catherine-street, Devonport.
Land Orders in New Zealand. — Messrs. Braithwaite and Ramsay have now on sale several Land Orders in New Zealand, including very eligible Town Acres. 35, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars.
Naitional Brewing Association
By the Queen's Royal Letters Patent.
Capital, £200,000.
In 20,000 Shares of <unclear>10</unclear> each.
Offices, 17, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars.
The Union Bank of London, Moorgate-street, City.
W. H. Lammin, Esq., 5, John street, Adelphi.
The object of this Association, is to supply the Public with Jarvis's Patent Concentrated Extract of Malt and Hops, an article of the greatest possible benefit, inas­much as it enables every person to brew genuine beer without the slightest inconvenience, by avoiding the usual tedious process of brewing, or the requisite of brewing utensils, to what strength and quality may be required. For exportation and consumption during long voyages, its desirable qualities will make it an ar­ticle of great importance to merchants, captains, &c.
Applications for Shares, on which 1l deposit is to be paid into the Union Bank of London, and for Pro­spectuses, to be made at the office of the Association, 17, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, where a specimen of the Extract may be seen.
N.B. Manufacturing premise immediately wanted.
Printed by Henry Hobbs Chambers, of West-street, Cambridge-heath, Hackney, in the County of Mid­dlesex, Printer, at the office of the "New Zealand Journal," No 366, Strand, in the aforesaid County; and Published by him at the said Office, where all Communications must be addressed "'To the Editor," post paid.—Saturday, Oct. 10, 1840,

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