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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, August 01 (1840)


New Zealand Shipping At Sydney.


February 26.—From New Zealand, having sailed on the 12th instant, H. M. ship Herald, Captain Nias. Passenger—George Cooper, Esq.
March 9.—From the Bay of Islands, the 15th February, the schooner Hannah, Captain Buken, with a cargo of pork, oil, &c.—Messrs Mumin and Forster.
9.—From Port Nicholson, having left the 19th ultimo, the schooner Sally Ann, Captain Cummins, with pork, potatoes. &c. Passengers—two New Zealand Chiefs.
11.—From New Zealand, February 14th, the schooner Harlequin, Captain Kyle. Passengers—Mr W. Richards, Captain Richards, and the crew of the Ann and Mary.
11.—From New Zealand, February 26th, the schooner John Dunscombe, Captain Hampton. Passenger, Mr Salmon.
11.—From Kiapara (New Zealand,) February 26th, the brig Bee, Captain Davis. Passengers—Dr. Brown, Mr. Foresight, Captain Munn, and the crew of the brig Siren, and one New Zealander.
12.—From New Zealand, February 25th, the brig Martha, 121 tons, Captain Lancaster, with pork, &c. Passengers—
Messrs. Brewer, Thompson, Strictland, Mitchell, Fitzpatrick, and Spitthill.


March 6.—For New Zealand, the barque Delhi, Captain Herbert, with sundries. Passengers—Mr. Lett, Captain Simpson, Mr. Whittaker, Mr. Middlecoat, Mr. Jamieson, Mr. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Dalzell, Monsieur Pettit, two Miss Wilsons, Mr. Walpole, Mrs. Stranness, Mr. Faunt, Mr. and Mrs. Crow, Mrs. Mayher, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Howe, Mr. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Swainson, Mrs. Earlgrave, and Mrs. Townsend.
14.—For New Zealand, the schooner Hannah, Captain Liddell, with sundries.
24.—For New Zealand, the barque Sarah and Elizabeth, Captain Davidson. Passengers—Rev. Mr. Purvies, Messrs. Drummond, Herriott, Harwood, Hughes, Babington, Hutchinson, Bryden, and a whaling gang of 26 men.
Several vessels were loading for Port Nicholson, Cloudy Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound, and the Bay of Islands.
The following vessels were lying in the Bay of Islands at the departure of the John Dunscombe:—The Matilda, of London, 42 months out, with 600 barrels of sperm, and 400 of black oil; the Tuscan, of London, 3 years out, with 1,300 barrels of sperm; the Caroline, 18 months out, with 500 barrels of sperm oil; and four American whalers.
The brig Martha was to sail for Sydney on the 23d.
Loss of the Siren.—The brig Siren, Captain Munn, of this port, struck on the Tory Reef, at the entrance of Kiapara River; at the return of flood tide she was got off and conveyed 10 miles further up the River, where she was beached, and the cattle and cargo landed. She is, however, in so battered a state, that it will be utterly impossible for her to proceed further.
The Caernarvon, whaler, out 13 months, with 170 barrels, was spoken by the Bee.
The New Zealander, from South Australia to the Bay of Islands, was also spoken by the Bee; she had been out six weeks, and was short of provisions.

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