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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, June 20 (1840)


South Australian Commission.

In relation to the South Australian Commission, the Morning Post publishes, from a correspondent, the following queries and answers:—
questions relative to the south australian commission.answers.
1. Why no report for the year ending 31st December, 1839, has been made to the House of Commons, according to the directions of the 16th clause in the Act of Parliament, (4 and 5 of William the Fourth, cap. 25,) one having been made up to the 31st December, for all previous years since the formation of the Commission?Because Lord John Russell chose to dismiss the commissioners on the 23d December last, without giving them any previous notice, consequently preventing the possibility of their making any report,
2. Why did Lord John Russell dismiss them so suddenly on the 23d of December, 1839, before they had made their annual report to the House of Commons?On the 30th of December, 1839, he excused himself for his hasty conduct, by writing a letter to the Lords of the Treasury, stating that he had dismissed the eight Commissioners because they complained that their office was burthensome, and all demanded salaries. This letter he afterwards placed on the table of the House Commons; and it appeared printed in the Times newspaper of the 29th April last.
3. Was Lord John Russell's statement to the Lords of the Treasury of the 30th December, 1839, correct?Mr. Palmer, Mr. Hutt, and Mr. Mackinnon, three of the Commissioners, have publicly denied it, so far as they were concerned. Vide South Australian Colonist of the 5th of May last.
4. What have been the results from the change in the Commission? has the confidence of the public been maintained?It has not. The sales of land have been very trifling since the change, and the numbers of emigrants of a superior class have fallen off greatly. Several ships have sailed lately without being able to let their superior cabins.
5. What was the amount of the funds taken possession of by the new Commissioners from the old original ones?About £30,000 or £40,000.
6. Is that balance nearly expended; and are the new Commissioners going to raise a new loan of £50,000 if they can?Yes. Such is believed to be the case.
7. Had not the old Commissioners, at the time of their sudden dismissal, paid off £2,400 of the old debt; and were they not making arrangements for purchasing up more of the bonds bearing ten per cent. interest?Yes. Vide Parliamentary Return, No. 3, page 16
8. Will the new Commissioners be able to raise a new loan; or will Lord John Russell sanction it?

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