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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, June 20 (1840)


New Zealand Shipping At Sydney.


January 26.—From the Bay of Islands, having left the 8th instant, the schooner Jess, Captain Clayton, with oil, pork, and maize, &c.
27.—For New Zealand, the 4th insant, the schooner Success, 82 tons, Captain Catlin, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs. Jones and Keskett.


January 24.—For New Zealand, the brig Siren, 140 tons, Capt. Munro, with sundries. Passengers—Messrs. Elmsley and Thompson, and four in the steerage.
24.—For New Zealand, the barque Exporter, 217 tons, Captain Anwyll, with sundries. Passengers, Mrs. Anwyll and child, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Balgrove and child, Messrs. Wright, Rowland-son, Holman, Miller, Smith, and nine in the steerage.
28.—For New Zealand, the brig Lunar, Captain Philipine. Passengers—R. O'Ferral, Esq., Capt. Hill, and Messrs. Jones, Yandall, and Brown.
30.—For New Zealand, the barque Superb.
February 5.—For New Zealand, the brig Nimrod, Capt. Davies. Passengers—Captain Milne, Captain and Mrs. Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Greig, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Young, and ten children, Messrs. Stevens, Roskell, Wilson, Wall, Starrey, Capel, M'Dermagh, and Roberts, and 23 steerage.
6.—For Java, the barque Saint Mungo.
The brig Nimrod, in going down the harbour for New Zealand, on Monday last, ran aground on Fort Macquarie Point, where she remained till high water, when she was got off without any material damage.
The Victoria for Port Nicholson, completed taking in her cargo on Wednesday, and will proceed to New Zealand this day.
The Melrose, 288 tons, bound from New Zealand to Port Phillip, put into George Town on the 31st December for refreshments.
The Minerva schooner which ran ashore at Portland Bay, has not yet been got off.
The Westminster hauls to the Commissariat Wharf to take in Government stores for New Zealand.

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