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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, June 20 (1840)


Sales Of New Zealand Lands At Sydney.

Land at New Zealand.—On the 1st November, Mr. Wilson, auctioneer, disposed of the following allotments of land in the township of Victoria, Bay of Islands, the property of Mr. Busby, the British resident, the increasing trade and importance of this place, and the fact of Victoria being the only suitable situation for a town, having suggested to Mr. Busby, the propriety of laying it out and affording the public an opportunity of purchasing sites for building. The survey was conducted by Mr. Florance, late of the Colonial Survey Department. Only one block containing twenty allotments, and three other allotments fronting on the Waitangai, were offered for sale on this occasion, but periodical sales will hereafter be arranged. The following are particulars of the lots sold, with the names of the purchasers, and the prices realised, namely:—
1. Water-side allotment 19 3/4 perches, to Messrs. Muir and Brown, 52l. 2. Do. do. 26 perches to do, 52l. 3. Do. 29 perches to do., 65l. 4. Corner allotments to Wharf and Bridge-street, 50 feet by 75 feet, to Mr. Mullins, 47l. 5. Frontage to Wharf-street, 50 feet by 75 feet deep, to Mr. Greenway, 55l. 6. Do. do. do. 55l. 7. Do. to Captain Mahew, 29l. 8. Do. to Mr. O'Brien, 30l. 9. Do. do. 30l. 10. Do. do. 30l. 11. Do. to Mr. Mullins, 30l. 12. Do. do. 30l. 13. Corner allotment to Wharf-street and Market-street, 50 feet by 75 feet deep, to Mr. Wilson, 44l. 14. Corner allotment to Waitangai-street, and Bridge-street, 50 feet by 75 feet deep, to Mr. M'Gregor, 42l. 15. Frontage to Waitangai-st., 50 feet by 75 feet deep, to do., 42l. 16. Do. to Mr. Wood, 32l. 17, Do. do. 32l. 18. Do. to Mr. Sutton, 23l. 19. Do. do., 23l. 20. Do. to Captain Clendon, 25l. 21. Do. do., 25l. 22. Do. to Mr. M'Gregor, 29l. 23. Do. do., 29l. Total 851.—Herald.—Australasian Chronicle, Dec. 13.
Land at New Zealand.—The undersigned is authorized to treat with any person for the sale of a tract of land on the River Hokianga, comprising from eight to twelve sections, having about two miles frontage to that splendid river. There is a good dwelling-house erected thereon, lined and ceiled with Totera (the best wood in the island); dimensions 46 by 41. Also, an extensive weather-boarded store, well shingled, cook-houses, &C., &c; and a good peach-orchard, several saw-pits 44 feet in length each, and 70 acres cleared for cultivation. The uncleared part abounds with the best Cowry spars in New Zealand. Title—derived from the Chiefs by the proprietor, the first European who ever turned up the maiden earth or Hokianga with the plough.
Liberality.—It gives us pleasure to record the liberal offer of a Scottish gentleman, a Presbyterian, who has offered to give the Sisters of Charity an allotment to build a convent in Paramarta, if they will send a branch of their order to New Zealand, and, on their arrival in that country, he has promised to give them likewise an extensive grant of land purchased by him there.—Australasian Chronicle, December, 25, 1839.

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