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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, June 20 (1840)


Emigration From Sydney To New Zealand.

The Diana had sailed from Sydney for New Zealand, with nearly thirty persons, including children in the cuddy, and about forty persons with their families in the steerage. The Diana had been a privateer, but was laid on for a regular packet between Sydney and New Zealand.
The schooner Falcon, Captain Leslie, had also sailed for New Zealand, with sundries, &c. Passengers—Mr. O'Brien, Miss O'Brien, Mr. Sandford, Mr. Booth, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Beatty, Mr. Small, Mr. Gray, Mr. Johnstone, Mr. Weavell, Mrs. Bolger, Miss Charlotte Fisk, Mrs. Hector, family, two servants, and seventeen in the steerage.
To follow the Falcon, the following vessels were advertised in the Sydney papers, most of them ' having excellent accommodations for passengers' and 'offering an advantageous opportunity for the conveyance of cattle':—Jessie, 341, Bruce master, J. Jones, agent, for New Zealand, in a few days. William, 324, Firth master, T. Street agent, for New Zealand, in a few days. Susannah Anne, 120,———master, Isaacs agent, for New Zealand, 16th instant and Victoria,—tones Milne master, for the Bay of Islands, in a few days.

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