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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, June 06 (1840)

New Zealand.—Persons desirous of Emigrating to the above Colony may obtain al relative information by application to J. Stayner, Ship and Insurance Broker to the New Zealand Company, 8, Water-lane, Tower-street.
Land in South Australia and New Zealand. Preliminary Sections in the above Colonies for sale.
For particulars apply to Mr. E. H. Mears, Australian and New Zealand Subscription Rooms, 62, Gracechurch-street.
Permanent Houses of Framed Studs, with inside and outside Boards, Boarded Floors, Ceilings and Roofs; Doors and Glazed Winhows complete. Packed up for shipment. Well adapted for Colonists, from their moderate cost, great portability, facility of erection, and real comfort. Plans and models at P. Thompson's Manufactory, New Road, Regent'spark.


Australian and New Zealand Subscription Rooms, 62, Grace-church-street. Every variety of Information may be obtained at the above Rooms, where may be seen the colonial and daily papers, and all publications relating to the above Colonies.
Land Bought Without Charge.
Passages secured, goods and baggage collected, shipped, and insured.---Terms, 1l per annum, or 5s per month.
Notice To Emigrants.—
Outfits to South Australia, India, and the Colonies.
J. and E. Monnery
beg to call the attention of the Public to their
Outfitting Warehouse,
165, Fenchurch-street, and 53, High-street, Borough, where a large assortment of every article requisite for a voyage to, or residence in, the Indies and the Colonies is kept ready for immediate use, and will be supplied to those who will favour them with a trial, on the most advantageous terms.
Detailed lists of the articles necessary for an Outfit, with the prices attached, sent by post.
Wellington, New Zealand, Mr. Jennings is instructed to offer for sale 800 acres of land (preliminary sections, reserving the town acres) in the immediate vicinity of Wellington, at 21s per acre, also various entire sections (town and country) ranging in order of choice between Nos. 10 and 500, at proportionate premiums.
Wanted to purchase a few town acres in whole or in part.
15. Pinner's Hall, Broad-street.
John Jennings, Agent, (late chief Clerk) to the New Zealand Company, 13 Pinners Hall, Broad-street, offers his services for the purchase and sale of colonial lands, negotiations of passages and freight, and shipment and insurance of goods.
Purchases of land effected without any additional expence to the purchaser for agency. Every kind of information relative to the new colony, communicated to parties resident in the country, in reply to letters (postage free) addressed as above.
Passengers to Australia or any of the Colonies are respectfully informed that they can be supplied with their entire Outfits at S. Unwin's, 57 and 58 Lombard-street; with White or Striped Shirts, Towels, Table Linen, Sheets, Hosiery, Shooting Coats, Drill, Gambroen, Jean and Cantoon Trowsers, all kind of Woollen Clothing, in Dress or Frock Coats, Trowsers, and Boat Cloaks, also Sea Bedding, Cots, Single and Double Couches, Cabin Furniture, Trunks, &c. Ladies will find a large stock of White and Coloured Morning Dresses, Linen and Calico Chemises, Night Gowns, Caps, Cambric Slips, and every description of Under Clothing, at the lowest wholesale prices.
Shirts, at wholesale prices, at W. H. Ablett and Co.'s, 37, Cornhill. Not less than half a dozen sold. Calico shirts, 9s., 12s., 18s., and 24s. per dozen; ditto, with plaited fronts, 18s., 24s., and 30s, per dozen; ditto long cloth, with fine linen collars, wristbands, and plaited linen fronts, 30s., 36s., 45s., and best quality 78s., usually sold at 8s. 6d. each; linen shirts all prices very fine, 9s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. each; linen collars, 5s. 6d., 5s. 6d., 6s. 6d., fine 8s. 6d. and 10s. 6d. per dozen; ladies' chemises, 9s., 13s., fine 18s. and 24s. per dozen; night gewns, 21s., 24s., and fine, with frills, 36s. per dozen. For cash. Letters pre-paid.
Colonial Tools & Implements.
Martin and CO. have always on hand, Warranted Agricultural Implements, Carts, Pleughs, Plantation Hoes, Bills, Cast Steel American Wedge Hatchets, Spades, Shovels, Coopers', Carpenters', Shipbuilders', Curriers', and other Tools of every description; Warranted Steel Mills for grinding Coffee, Wheat, Indian Corn, Malt, Beans, Peas, Oats, Pepper, Rice, &c.
N. B. Improved Cooking Apparatus, Wheat Mills, Flour Dressing Machines, and Sieves are almost indispensable for Emigrants to New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, and New Zealand. Or ders for any of the following articles executed at the Birmingham and Sheffield factors' prices and discounts:—Plated Wares, Cutlery, Brass Foundry, Steel Pens, Japan and Britannia Metal Wares, Lamps, Scales, Weighing Machines, Optical and Mathematical Instruments, Buttons, Military and Gilt Ornaments, Jewellery, Needles, Fish Hooks, Harpoons, Combs, Brushes, Turnery, Guns, Pistols, Percussion Caps, Powder, Shot, Swords, Cutlasses, Whips, Saddlery, Ovens, Steves, Grates, Fenders, Fire Irons, Ironmongery, &c., &c. At 62 and 63 Gracechurch-street, London.
The Advertiser is desirous of obtaining a Situation, to accompany any Gentle man who is about to proceed to New Zealand, for the purpose of embarking in agriculture. He has no objection to the laboriousness of the occupation, as he has been accustomed to pursuits requiring great activity. He can give the most satisfactory references. Application by letter (pre-paid) to be made to J. B. at the Office of the "New Zealand Journal," 366, Strand.
For Wellington Town, New Zealand, will sail on the 1st of August, the fine Frigate-built Ship London, 700 Tons burthen, Henry Shuttleworth H.C.S., Commander, lying in the London Docks. This ship was built expressly for passengers to and from Calcutta, and her accommodations are of the first order. She carries an experienced Surgeon. For further particulars apply to Captain Shuttleworth, or to T. Haviside and Co., Suncourt, or 69, Cornhill.
Under Engagement to the New Zealand Company to Sail in July.
For Wellington, in New Zealand, direct, the fine first-class teak-built Ship, Resource, 500 tons. William Boyle, Commander. Lying in the London Dock. Has superior accommodation for passengers, and will carry an experienced Surgeon. For freight or passage apply to Lachlan, Sons, and Macleod, 22, Great Aliestreet, Goodman's-fields; or Lloyd's.
Under Engagement to the New Zealand Company to Sail in June.
For Wellington, in New Zealand, the new Liverpool-built Ship, Martha Ridgway, A 1, 12 Years, 621 tons register, coppered and copper-fastened. James Forbes Bisset, Commander. Will load in the St. Katherine's Dock. This splendid ship was built expressly for the passenger trade; has a very spacious poop, with 6 feet 9 inches height in the 'twixt decks; is replete with every arrangement for the comfort and health of passengers; and will be found, on inspection, superior to any British ship hitherto offered to the public. She will carry an experienced Surgeon. For freight or passage apply to the Commander, on board; or to Phillipps and Tiplady, 3, George-yard-Lombard-street; also to Messrs. John Ridgway & Co., Liverpool, who, having a house at Wellington, New Zealand, will afford every facility to passengers on landing.
To Emigrants.—Richards, Wood, and Co., of Nos. 117 and 118, Bishops-gate-street Within, have ready for immediate Shipment (and which they pack in a manner to cause the least possible freightage), Ironmongery, Machinery, Agricultural and Mechanical Tools of all kinds, as they have long been in the habit of making them for the Colonies of New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, and South Australia.
Extracts from works on Emigration.
"For the purchase of Ironmongery, it is necessary to be very particular as to the description, sizes, and quality; what you want, therefore, should be procured of a person who well knows the market; if the things are not the patterns in use, they will not be even looked at, much less purchased."—Widdowson on Van Diemen's Land, page 42.
"The articles to the above patterns may be seen and bought at Messrs. Richards, Wood, and Co."—Widdowson on Van Diemen's Land, page 41.
"I bought my Ironmongery of Messrs. Richards, Wood, and Co., No. 117, Bishopsgate-street Within, and upon comparison of invoices with some of my friends in the Colony, I found I had been well used, and the quality of things furnished me was excellent; they had been for years in the Australian trade, and understand the kind of articles required in these Colonies."—Gouger's South Australia, page 126.

Plymouth Company of New Zealand.

Capital—50,000—in 2,000 Shares of £25 each.
Deposit—£5 per Share.
Governor—The Earl of Devon.
Deputy-Governor—Thomas Gill, Esq.
Sir Anthony Buller, Pound.
Captain Bulkeley, Mount Stone.
C. Biggs Calmady, Esq., Langdon Hall.
Joseph Collier Cookworthy, M.D. Mayor of Plymouth
Nathaniel Downe, Esq., Stoke.
Lord Eliot, M.P., Port Eliot.
Richard Fillis, Esq., Plymouth.
Thomas Gardner, Esq., Plymouth.
William John Gilbert, Esq., Plymouth.
George Leach, Esq., Stoke.
Sir Chas. Lemon, Bt. M.P., Carclew.
Sir W. Molesworth, Bt., M.P, Pencarrow.
E.W.W. Pendarves, Esq., M.P., Pendarues.
Edward St. Aubyn, Esq., Devonport.
Rich. Hippesley Tuckfield, Esq., Fulford Park.
Rt. Hon. Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart. M.P., Glynn.
Bankers—Devon and Cornwall Banking Company, Plymouth and Devonport.
Solicitors — Messrs. Whiteford and Bennett, Plymouth.
London Bankers—Messrs. Wright and Co.
Solicitors—Messrs. Few, Hamilton, and Few.
Secretary—Thomas Woollcombe, Esq. Devonport. Office, (pro tem.) Ker-street, Devonport.
Full information on every point connected with the Company may be obtained of the Secretary, to whom, to the Devon and Cornwall Banking Company, or to Messrs. Wright and Co., the London Bankers of the Company, application for Shares may be made, in the following form:—
I requestto have—Shares in this undertaking; hereby engaging to take such Shares, or any proportion thereof, as may be appropriated to me, upon the terms specified or referred to in the Prospectus dated the 19th day of February 1840.
Devonport, February 19th, 1840.
Just Published.
Port Nicholson—New Zealand.—A Chart of Port Nicholson, one large sheet, surveyed by E. M. Chaffers, Esq., R.N., price 3s. Published (by permission of the New Zealand Land Company) by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen, Charing-cross, East, London.
New Zealand.—In a few days, Supplementary Information relative to New Zealand, comprising the Despatches and Journals of the Company's Officers, and the First Report of the Directors.
This publication contains a full description of the new Settlements, and will be found replete with interest to the Geographer, the Naturalist, and the Emigrant. It comprises also the only authentic account of the proceedings of the New Zealand Company.
London: J. W. Parker, West Strand.
The world my country,—
Public benefit my politics,—
And doing good my religion.
The Falkland Islands, &c. &c. &c. By G. T. Whitington. Compiled from Ten Years' Investigation of the Subject.
This work gives the early history of the Falklands: it details the different contests for their sovereignty, which is now vested in the British Crown; it comprises the personal examinations and general observations of Don Louis Vernet, the Spanish Governor, and his people, who resided on the Falklands, from 1826 until 1833, as also of Captain J. J. Onslow, R.N., who took possession and hoisted there the British Flag in 1833, together with that of Lieutenants Henry Smith, R.N., Resident Governor during four years, from 1834 to 1838, Robert Lowcay, R.N., Resident Governor for 1838 and 1839, William Langdon, R.N., Henry Rca, R.N., and other indisputable authorities; embracing the soil, climate, natural productions, local advantages, fitness and facilities for Colonization, and for the establishment of a Naval and Commercial Depot. Accompanied by Tables of Temperature, Journal of Weather, Nautical Notes, Instructions for Navigators, and accurate Maps of the Islands, with Chart of Berkley Sound, the shores of Magellan, &c., with some account of that country and people, as bearing upon their contiguity to the Falklands To this is added important and interesting historical, statistical, political, and general remarks upon Colonization, Emigration, Poor Laws, Corn Laws, &c.
London:—Smith, Elder, and Co., 65, Cornhill; J. Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly; W. Clowes and Sons, 14, Charing Cross; and of Provincial Booksellers.
Price 1s. 6d.
Lands in New Zealand.—The Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company hereby give notice, that they are ready to receive applications for country lands, in sections of 100 acres each, at the price of £100 per section, which will entitle the holders to select out of the surveyed lands in the vicinity of the town of Wellington, in the Company's principal settlement, comprising the extensive districts surrounding the harbour of Port Nicholson in Cook's Strait. Purchasers proceeding to the Colony will receive an allowance of 60 per cent., subject to the Company's regulations, which may be obtained with all requisite information at the Company's house in Broad-street Buildings, London.
By order of the Court,
John Ward, Secretary.
New Zealand House,
20th May, 1840
Emigration to New Zealand.
The Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company hereby give notice that they are ready to receive applications for a free passage to the town of Wellington, New Zealand, from agricultural labeurers, shepherds, miners, gardeners, brickmakers, mechanics, handicraftsmen, and domestic servants, being married, and not exceeding 40 years of age, also from single females under the care of near relatives, and single men accompanied by one or more adult sisters, not exceeding in either case the age of 30 years. Strict inquiry will be made as to qualifications and character.
The Company Emigrant Ships will sail from the Port of London positively on the 1st of July and 1st of August next. Further particulars and printed forms of application may be obtained at the Company's House, in Broad-street Buildings.
By Order of the Court,
John Ward, Secretary.
New Zealand House, Broad-street Buildings,
May 20th, 1840.
H. Manning, 251, High Holborn, respectfully informs Intending Emigrants that he has had the honour of constructing Colonial Buildings for the whole of the Superior Officers of each of the Australian Colonies and New Zealand, particularly those of the Surveying Departments; in addition to which he has recently received the strongest proof of the efficiency of the Buildings which he manufactures, having been honoured by the commands of Hermajesty's Board of Ordnance, to Plan and Construct a Government House for New Zealand, and which he has pleasure in stating has been finished to their entire satisfaction.
H. M. also begs attention to the following extract of a letter which he has this week received from Mr. John Newman, dated Port Adelaide, August 29, 1839; this gentleman took one cottage with him, and purchased another in the Colony (also built by H. M.) at 100 per cent, above cost price. Mr. Newman has resided in these cottages for nearly three years:—
"Your cottages, without exception, are good-looking buildings, and I am pleased to see them put up in the manner they are. Most parties place them on a foot or two of brickwall, and root them with native shingle. I would not wish to be more comfortable, as a temporary residence, than I am in your cottages, two of which I now occupy; they are preferable to any I have seen for the simplicity in erecting them. Myself and another man put up mine in two days; the greater portion of the time was occupied in unpacking them, so well were they packed."
New Zealand Company.— The Directors of the New Zealand Company hereby give notice that they have Effected an Arrangement with the Union Bank of Australia, for the establishment of a Branch Bank In New Zealand, through which the business of the New Zealand Company will be transacted. The Directors therefore recommend to Colonists the Union Bank of Australia as an establishment possessing their entire confidence, and able to provide effectually for the Financial Wants of the Settlers.
By order of the Board, John Ward, Secretary. New Zealand Company's Office, Broad-street Buildings.
Union Bank Of Australia,
London Office, 38, Old Broad-street.
George Fife Angas, Esq.
Robert Brooks, Esq.
John William Buckle, Esq.
James John Cummins, Esq.
John Gore, Esq.
John Gore, Esq. Manchester.
Benjamin E. Lindo, Esq.
Charles E. Mangles, Esq.
Christopher Rawson, Esq. Halifax
Thomas Sands, Esq. Liverpool.
James Bogle Smith, Esq.
James Ruddell Todd, Esq.
George Carr Glyn, Esq.
James J. Cummins, Esq.
Bankers.—Messrs. Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co.
Secretary.—Samuel Jackson, Esq.
Colonial Inspector.—John Cunningham M'Laren, Esq.
New Zealand Branch.
Local Directors.
Geo. S. Evans, Esq., D.C.L.
Edw. Betts Hopper, Esq.
Geo. Hunter, Esq.
Manager.—John Smith, Esq.,
Late of the Commercial Bank of England, Manchester.
Arrangements having been made for the opening of a Branch in New Zealand, Notice is hereby given that Letters of Credit (which are not transferable) and Bills, at thirty days' sight, will be issued at this Office to the settlers, for such sums as they may require, without charge, on the money being deposited.
The Directors likewise continue to grant letters of credit, payable at sight, for sums not exceeding 300/, and bills at thirty days' sight, for larger amounts, on their Branches at Sydney, Hobart Town, Launceston, and Melbourne, Port Philip, free of charge.
By order of the Board Samuel Jackson, Secretary.
The British and Australasian Bank, 55, Moorgate-street, London.
Capital—One Million Sterling.
The Court of Directors of this Company transact Banking business of every kind, upon the principle of the Scoth banks, in London, and in the Australasian colonies, and New Zealand.
Current accounts kept with individuals or bodies of persons, and interest at the rate of two-and-a-half per cent, allowed on the balances thereof.
Deposits of money received of any amount, and for any time or term; upon deposits to be withdrawn at a short notice, interest at the rate of three per cent. per annum is allowed; upon sums deposited for terms, a higher rate of interest is paid, vis.:—
4 per cent. for cash to be withdrawn after 3 months' notice
4 1/2 per cent. for cash to be withdrawn after 6 months' notice
5 per cent. for cash to be withdrawn after 12 months' notice
And bonds bearing interest at the rate of six per cent. per annum, are granted for sums deposited for five years or upwards.
The accounts and agencies of joint-stock and other country and foreign banks, and of individuals or bodies of persons, undertaken.
Advances of money granted upon the security of landed property in the Australasian colonies, and upon consignments of merchandise to or from thence, and generally upon any other securities that may be approved of.
Bills and letters of credit granted at par on the branches of the bank in the above-named colonies.
Bills, notes, drafts, &c., upon parties residing in either of the said colonies, cashed or remitted for collection.
Sums of money invested on landed property, in the said colonies, for account of parties resident in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.
The remaining shares will be issued until further notice at a premium of 2l 10s per share, and applications for the same, or regarding business, may be made personally, or by letter, to the undersigned, who has resided in Australia. By order of the Court of Directors.
Fred. Boucher, Managing Director. 55, Moorgate-street, London; 21st Jan., 1840.
The British and Australasian Bank, 55. Moorgate-street, London.
Notice to parties wishing to effect Remittances to New South Wales.—Bills and Letters Of Credit will be granted by the Directors of the Bank upon Sydney, New South Wales, until further notice, at the rate of £101 for every sum of £100 paid at this Office.
By order, Fred. Boucher, Jan. 1, 1840. Managing Director.

Emigration To Australia.

Lives of Persons about to Emigrate to Australia may be insured on the most advantageous terms, and without delay, at the National Endowment and Assurance Society, Arthur-street West, London Bridge.
Thomas Bax
Jasper Capper
Joseph Cooper
T. G. Darton
Job Heath
Russell Jeffrey
William Revell Spicer
Henry Sterry
Joseph Sterry, Jun.
Henry Tuckett.
Bankers—Messrs. Prescott Grote, and Co.
J. Hodgkin—Counsel.
C. Harris, Medical Referee.
F. Bankart—Solicitor.
A. A. Fry, Actuary.
Pocket Diary.For 1840, may be had on application, containing—General Reflections—Diary—Life Premiums, Ascending and Descending, to 65, or earlier—Investment—Marriage Endowments—Superannuation Annuities—Endowment for Children—Annuity Tables. Notice—Joint Lives—Survivors—Prospectus—Conditions—Plan for lowering Poor Rates—Mortality of all Mankind—Agents
Colonization Of The County Of Beauharnois, on the South Bank of the St Lawrence, near the City of Montreal and the junction of Lower and Upper Canada with the State of New York; together with the Terms and Conditions of Sale of an extensive territory the property of the North American Colonial Association of Ireland.
Governor—Earl Fitzwilliam. Deputy Governor—Andrew Colville, Esq.
George Fife Ankas, Esq.
John Auldjo, Esq.
Colonel Henry Bruen
Edward H. Chapman, Esq.
Earl of Durham
Russell Ellice, Esq.
John Herman, Esq.
William Hutt. Esq., M. P.
Robert Laouche, Esq.
Donald Maclean, Esq.
Henry Kingscote, Esq.
James Morrison, Esq., M.P.
T. Lamie, Murray, Esq.
Brice Pearse, jun., Esq.
Lord Petre
John Pirie, Esq., Alderman
Hon. Frederick Ponsonby
George Simpson, Esq.
Joseph Somes, Esq.
Thomas Tower, Esq.
Edward G. Wakefield, Esq.
Henry L. Wigram, Esq.
Bankers—Messrs. Ladbrokes, Kingscote, & Co
London; Messrs. Latouche Co, Dublin.
Solicitors—Messrs. Bartlett & Beddome.
Secretary—James Dewar, Esq.
This Company, which is incorporated by Act of Parliament, with very extensive powers, has acquired the celebrated Seigniory of Beauharnois, in Canada, with lands in the adjoining townships of Godmanchester and Hinchinbrooke, the whole of which, that now remains disposable, is hereby submitted to sale on the following
Terms and Conditions.
The whole of the disposable lands of the Company in the seigniory of Beauharnois, and the townships of Godmanchester, Hinchinbrooke, and Clifton, are hereby offered for selection by purchasers.
This territory consists chiefly of country lands, and partly of lands which have been reserved by the late proprietor in the midst of settled districts.
The whole of the country lands, together with the 6,000 acres in Clifton, will be divided into sections of a hundred Canadian acres each*.
The whole quantity of Country lands being about 120,000 acres, the number of sections will be about 1,200.
The number of these sections now submitted for sale (to be selected out of the whole, by purchasers, as hereinafter provided for) is 1,000.
These 1,000 sections will comprise 100,000 acres of "available" lands—that is, exclusive of portions of an inferior quality.
The Reserved lands will be divided into 2,000 sections; and two of these sections (to be selected by purchasers, as hereinafter mentioned) will be attached to each Country land section of 100 acres.
The sections of reserved land will be of variable extent, according to circumstances; smaller at Beauharnois, Ellicetown, and other places where the establishment of towns has begun, or may be expected; larger in the domain of Buisson, and at Grand Ile, which have been reserved, on account of the great beauty of the situations, as villa ground dependent on Montreal; but the whole will be so divided and laid out by the Company, in Town, Village, and Villa lots, as to constitute 2,000 separate properties, of as nearly equal value as circumstances may admit; and all the 13 mills, together with all the houses and buildings the property of the Company, and all the finest sites for other mills, for villas, villages, and towns, &e., will be comprised in the Reserved lands laid open for selection by purchasers.
Each property, therefore, will comprise a section of 100 acres of Country lands and two sections of reserved lands.
To the purchaser of each property the Company will deliver a treble land-order, which will entitle the holder thereof, or his agent, to select one country land section of 100 acres, and two sections of Reserved land, in the manner following:—
As soon as the whole of the land-orders shall be disposed of, or sooner, at the pleasure of the Company, public notice will be given of a day when the purchasers of land-orders, or their agents, will be requested to meet in London for the purpose of drawing lots for priority of choice.
The drawing of lots will take place in the presence of the Directors, and in such manner as they shall determine.
Each holder of a treble land-order will draw three separate lots for priority of choice; one for the 100-acre section of Country lands, and one for each of the two sections of Reserved land: the number of choices as to the Country lands being 1,000, or one for the holder of each land-order; and as to the Reserved lands, 2,000, or two for the holder of each land-order.
The land-orders will be awarded according to priority of application at the Offices of the Company in London; and for this purpose a registry of applications will be kept, which will be open to the inspection of purchasers for one week before the drawing of lots for priority of choice. In case the deposit should be paid on more than the whole number of land-orders, the same will be returned in full to those applicants whom the above rule as to priority of application may preclude from obtaining land-orders.
The price of each land-order is £200: and a deposit of £20 must be paid to the Company's bankers before any application can be registered.
The remainder of the purchase-money must be paid in full, on a day of which public notice will be given, in order to entitle purchasers to draw for priority of choice.
In case of non-payment of the remainder of the purchase-money after due notice, the deposit will be forfeited.
The whole of the lands offered for selection will be surveyed, laid out, and mapped; and the maps will be exhibited at Beauharnois, to any holder of a land-order or his agent, during one month before the day (of which ample public notice will be given both in this country and in Canada) fixed for exercising the rights of choice; and the choice of sections, according to the priority determined by lot in England, will be made at Beauharnois, either by principals or agents, in such manner as the Directors may determine, with a view to perfect fairness and the general convenience of purchasers.
The choice will extend over the whole of the disposable lands of the Company, without any reserve, excepting only so much of the water privilege of the river St. Louis, at Beauharnois Town, as may be necessary for public convenience.
As respects any land-order of which the holder may fail to attend, either by himself or his agent, for the purpose of choosing his section, the choice will be made in the order previously determined by lot, by an officer of the Company specially appointed for that purpose.
The Company takes for itself one-tenth of the land-orders, and will thus contribute, in the same proportion as every purchaser, to the fund derived from this sale; and will draw lots in common with purchasers for priority of choice as to each of its one hundred land-orders separately.
Out of the whole fund of £200,000 thus raised, the Company hereby undertakes to dispose of the following sums in the following manner; that is to say—
£50,000 as an investment of capital on such works of public communication within the Company's territory, as shall, in the opinion of the Directors, be most conducive to an increase in the value of the lands now submitted for sale.
£40,000 in advances on loan to purchasers and other settlers on the Company's territory, as capital for the improvement of land or construction of buildings; such advances to be confined to persons investing a capital of their own in such operations.
£30,000 towards defraying the cost of emigration from the United Kingdom to the Company's territory, both of labourers and of capitalists intending to settle there.
£10,000, to be contributed in such manner as the Company shall direct, towards the emigration of ministers of religion and school-masters, and the building of places of worship and schools, during the infancy of the new settlements.
The Company also undertakes to defray all the expences of survey, allotment, and conveyance, to the holder of each land-order.
The land-orders will be transferable at the pleasure of the holders.
The houses, mills, and other buildings which may fall to the lot of holders of land-orders, will be delivered to the purchasers, with the whole of their contents, including machinery, &c.
The whole of the live stock, implements, and contents of blacksmiths' and carpenters' shops at Beauharnois, will be put up to sale by auction immediately after the choice of sections shall have taken place according to the priority determined by lot in England; and the produre of such sale, deducting the expences thereof, will be paid over to the holder of that land-order, or his agent, who shall have obtained the last choice among the 1,000 sections of Country land; unless such last choice should fall to the Company by lot, on account of its own tenth of all the sections; in which case the produce of such sale shall be handed over to the holder of the last right of choice, saving the Company.
The Company positively engages that in exercising the rights of choice which may fall to its lot among the 2,000 sections of Reserved lands, it will not select any section on which a building of any description may be erected, but will leave all such sections exclusively to the choice of holders of land-orders, other than those held by the Company.
In the selection of emigrants of the labouring class, a preference will be given to such applicants as may be engaged to work for capitalists about to settle in the Company's territory, or as domestic servants in the families of settlers.
Each purchaser of one or more land-orders will be entitled to claim from the Company, towards defraying the cost of emigration for his family, or for a family to be nominated by him, £15 out of every £100 of his purchase-money, provided that such family settle on lands purchased from the Company.
In distributing the sum of £40,000 set apart for loans to emigrants, a preference will be given to those applicants who shall have purchased lands from the Company, or be occupiers or managers of lands purchased from the Company by persons continuing to reside in this country; though in every such case the proceedings of the Company must necessarily be governed by inquiry as to the character of the applicant and the nature of the security that he may have to offer.
In case of any difference between the Company and the holder of any land-order, the same shall be referred to the Attorney-General of the Province of Lower Canada, or of the United Province of Canada for the time being, for his award, which shall be final between the parties. And in case of any error of description, quantity, or otherwise, the same shall not vitiate the agreement between the parties, but shall be deemed matter for compensation, as may be agreed upon, or, if the parties should not agree, according to the award of the said Attorney-General.
All questions of title to this property having been settled as between the Company and the late proprietor by the Hon. James Reid, late Chief Justice of Montreal, in order to avoid the expence and delay of fresh investigations of title by so large a body of sub-purchasers, the sub-purchasers from the Company are not to require any abstract or evidence of title from the Company, but are to be satisfied with a conveyance in such form as shall be approved of by the said Hon. James Reid, late Chief Justice of Montreal, or the Attorney-General of Lower Canada, or of Canada, for the time being.
By order of the Board, James Dewar, Secretary. A pamphlet containing the Prospectus of the Company, and a full account of the Beauharnois Territory and of the plan of colonization adopted by the Company, with two large descriptive maps, is published by Messrs. Smith and Elder, Cornhill, price 2s; and further information on all points relative to this undertaking may be obtained by applying, either personally or by letter, at the temporary offices of the Company, No. 2, Bank-buildings, London.
Printed by Henry Hobbs Chambers, of West-street, Cambridge-heath, Hackney, in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of the "New Zealand Journal," No 366, Strand, in the aforesaid County; and Published by him at the said Office, where all Communications must be addressed "To the Editor," post paid.—Saturday, June 6, 1840.


The Canadian acre is equal to seven-eighths of the English acre.

The Directors will endeavour so to dispose of the £30,000 set apart for emigration, as to obtain from emigrants and landowners desirous of providing for the surplus population of their estates, contributions equal to that amount. If they should accomplish this object, the emigration fund for Beauharnois will be £60,000, which is equal to £120,000 for any settlement in Australia or New Zealand.

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