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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, May 02 (1840)


New Zealand Shipping.


Oct. 25. From Manukan, New Zealand, the brig Bee, Capt. Davis, with lumber, pork, potatoes, &c. Passengers, Mr. Jackson (sailed on the 10th).
—26. From Entry Island, New Zealand (having sailed on the 7th) the schooner Harlequin, Capt. Kyle, with 91 tons black oil, bone, &c.
—28. From the Bay of Islands, New Zealand (having left on the 12th Oct.) the schooner John Dunscomb, Capt. M'Lean, with maize, wheat, and potatoes.
Nov. 1. From the Bay of Islands (having sailed on the 10th Oct.) the schooner Currency Lass, 90 tons, Capt. Bennett, with maize, pork, &c. Passengers, Messrs. Roy, Scott, King, and Jones.


Oct. 16, For New Zealand, the barque Sociatis, Capt. Cowtanth sundries. Passengers Mr. Junot, and four in the steerage.
—17. For New Zealand, the barque Navarino, Capt. Naylor, with sundries. Passengers, Captain Symonds, Mrs. White, Mr. Brown, and ten in the steerage.
—23. For New Zealand, the brig Louisa, Capt. Tavernor, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. A. Lyons and Mr. Samuel.
—27, For New Zealand, the barque Hay, Capt. Volum, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. A Busby, Mr. and Miss French, Mr. M'Pherson and Mr. Hill.
——For New Zealand, the barque Psyche, Capt. Wilson, with sundries.
—28. For New Zealand, the barque Francis Spraight, Capt. Sayers, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs. Blake, Spinks, Fever, Rudley, Mr. and Mrs. Welsh and family, two Misses Hargraves, Messrs. Otherson and Seagre, Mr. and Mrs. Rudley and family.

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