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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, May 02 (1840)


Expenses of The Land and Emigration Board.

Among the estimates for the miscellaneous services of the year 1840-41, is a sum of £3,540 15s to the Colonial Land and Emigration Board. This sum includes the salaries of the three Commissioners at £1,000 each, and we fear greatly that all, or
nearly all, will fall upon South Australia, no other Colony at present yielding a fund out of which the Commissioners could be paid.
The only sum which South Australia was called upon to furnish previous to the swallowing up of the Commissioners by the new Board, was Colonel Torrens' salary of £600, Mr. Elliott's salary being paid out of other funds. Now, we are told "the charge of maintaining the Commission should be apportioned among the different funds raised by the sale of lands in the different colonies; the contribution from each fund being in exact proportion to the amount of it." Now, carefully examined, this is a piece of barefaced cheating, disguised under the semblance and in the language of the most equitable arrangement possible. What so apparently fair as a contribution from each fund in exact proportion to the amount of it?—what so really unfair as to associate the only fund-yielding Colony, South Australia, with colonies of which the lands have already been portioned out; and which, therefore, have of late yielded nothing, and making them respectively bear an excessive charge, in such a manner as to make it really fall upon South Australia;
South Australia has had its land and emigration fund managed for £600 a year. That fund may have increased slightly, and will probably continue so to do. The other Australian Colonies have but a small fund. The land, as we have already hinted, has been jobbed away. Hence the contribution out of that fund must be small also. Supposing South Australia to have a fund equal to all the other Colonies—not an unwarrantable supposition—her contribution would be £1,775 instead of £600. But there is reason to believe that South Australia will yield a much larger proportion, hence the heavy expence of the Board is made to fall on that Colony. Mr. Elliott's salary was once in jeopardy;—he may now sleep in peace—it will be paid.
We recommend the papers devoted to South Australia to make a more rigid inquiry into the subject than we have space to do. We notice it from the firm conviction that the cause of one of the self-supporting Colonies is the cause of all.

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