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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


Progress of the Company's Ships.

Intelligence has been received from the following ships since their departure from England for New Zealand:—
The Tory, 382 tons, left Plymouth 12th May, 1839, and was spoken with June 3d, in north latitude 5 deg. 30 min., west longitude, 23 deg. 8 min.; all well.
The Cuba, 273 tons, left Plymouth 8th August, and reached Port Praya, St. Iago, on the 31st August, 1839.
The Adelaide, 610 tons, left Falmouth 30th Sept., reached Santa Cruz, Teneriffe, 14th October, 1839, and was spoken with on the 9th Nov., in 4 deg. 30 min. north latitude, 17 deg. 33 min. west longitude.
The Oriental, 507 tons, off Dartmouth, 26th Sept., was at Port Praya, St. Iago, on the 17th October.
The Bolton, 540 tons, off Isle of Wight 22d Nov., was at Santa Cruz, Teneriffe, on 15th Dec.

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