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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


Effect Of Australian Discontent.

It seems from the following paragraph, which lately appeared as an advertisement in a South Australian paper, that Australian discontent is not unlikely to add to the New Zealand population. It does not appear that the paragraph hath as yet been productive of fruits:
"Why do agriculturists remain here, where speculation has withered every hope, and where the common necessaries of life are permitted to bear a price which few really can afford ?
"The Australian soil and climate are defective, so are the prospects of him who has less than a certain amount of capital, or who has not the physical power to enable him to work for one; and, if he continues, to him may cause a diseased frame and a pauper's grave.
"The trade, of which we have here ample proof of being carried on by the natives of New Zealand, is of itself a guarantee of a superior soil, while the more abundant visitations of rain, and the noble rivers met with there, occur, as it were, to invite us to wiser and more profitable labour.
"The salubrity of the climate is supported by many evidences, nor is thirst there borne long, or quenched in waters loaded with impurities. Against the violence of the natives, of which there is more talk than proof, the combinations of a company would at all times prevail.
"Those inclined to this project are requested to leave their names at Mr. Bright's Dispensary, next the South Australian Company's Bank. When thirty names shall have been enrolled, a meeting will be called to consider a plan for further proceedings."

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