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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


Newly Discovered River in New Zealand.

A fine river has been discovered in New Zealand, as appears by the following extract from a letter read before the Geographical Society, at one of their recent meetings. Nothing more is known, than what the following extract contains; but it is understood, more minuteinformation is on its way to this country:—
Note upon a newly-discovered river in the Southern Island of New Zealand, by T. H. Nation, Esq.–On the 1st of September, 1838, H.M.S. Pelorus entered a river falling into Cook's straits, on the north side of the island of Tawai Poenammu, and sailed up it in a southerly direction for about forty miles, the ship's launch, or large boat, thence continued ascending for about 20 miles farther, when, owing to the freshes from the mountains, banks of gravel prevented her proceeding without difficulty. The river is described as a fine stream, the banks covered with ilex and magnificent tree-ferns, the hills clothed with forests of the Cow-die pine: large tracts of alluvial land spread around, and in the distance the mountains rose to at least 2,000 feet above the sea. The position of the ship's anchorage in the river was 41 deg. 16 lat. S., 173 deg. 50 lat. E. Its outlet is on the shores of a bay partially examined by Captain Dumont d'Urville in the Astrolabe, in 1823; the Admiralty Bay of Cook.

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