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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


New Zealand

The following piece of intelligence from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, is from the Colonial Gazette of Wednesday last:—
We have seen a letter from the correspondent of a well-known mercantile house in the city, dated Bay of Islands, July 17th. The village of Kororarika, was stated to be fast increasing, and much resorted to as a place of business. The French Catholic Bishop had lately bought some property there, and was about building a chapel and schoolhouse. The Church Missionaries were "waging great war against him and his priests" in that quarter, and the Wesleyans had been doing the same at Hokianga. The Church Missionaries and Wesleyans had come to an understanding for separating their respective spheres of duty; the former taking the Eastern, and the latter the Western part of the Northern Island. Mr. Busby, the British resident, was to proceed to England on the arrival of the Consul (Captain Hobson,) and was expected to take one or two of the principal chiefs with him, to lay before the Queen's Government a representation of the real state of New Zealand. The report of the Lords' Committee of 1838, had found its way to the Bay of Islands, and had stimulated the prevailing anxiety to effect purchases of land from the natives, whilst facilities for landsharking yet remained.

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