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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


Works Received for Review.

[The late receipt of the instructions to the Commissioners, compels us to omit more ample notices of the following works until our next.]
Journal of a recent visit to the Vineyards of Spain and France, forming a guide to the profitable culture of the vine in New South Wales, and to the manufacture of the various Wines of Australia and New Zealand to rival those of Spain and Portugal. By James Busby, Esq., of New South Wales. Smith and Elder, 1840, 8vo. pp. 178.
This is a work of great value to the Australasian agriculturalist. Mr. Busby has taken great pains to obtain specimens of a large number of different kinds of grape, some of which are now flourishing in New South Wales. We shall recur to the work.
Observations on the Climate of New Zealand. By William Swainson, Esq. Smith and Elder, 1840, Svo. pp. 80.
This work, also, demands a careful notice. From a cursory glance, it appears to be a careful collection of evidence respecting the climate of New Zealand.
New Zealand in 1839, in four Letters to the Right Honourable Earl Durham, &c., on the Colonization of that Island, &c. By John Dun-more Lang, D.D., Principal of the Australian College, &c. London. Smith and Elder, 1839, 8vo. pp. 120.
This pamphlet contains ample information on the present state of the European population of New Zealand, and the character of the missionaries.
Plain Truths told by a Traveller regarding our various Settlements in Australia and New Zealand. By J. Pitt Johnson, Esq. Smith and Elder, 1840, 12mo. pp. 75.
The Present State, Resources, and Prospects, of New Zealand. By Edward Campbell. Smith and Elder, pp. 38.
Some account of the Falkland Islands. By L. B. Mackinnon, R.N., A. H. Bailey and Co, 1840, 8vo. pp. 80.

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