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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


New Zealand Shipping.


At Hobart Town.—June 29.—The barque James, 359 tons, Todd, master, from Hokianga, New Zealand, with a carge of timber; Willis, Garrett, and Co. agents.
At Sydney.—August 26.—From the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, having sailed the 5th instant, the schooner Harlequin, Capt. Kyle, with pork, bacon, 800 bushels maize, 20 tons oil, potatoes, and flax.
September 7th.—From New Zealand, having left on the 22nd August, the schooner Hannah, Captain Leathart, with potatoes, pork and maize.
At Hobart Town.—Oct. 16.—The Emerald, Denter, from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand; sailed on the 3d October.


From Hobart Town.—July 1.—The schooner, Truelove, 133 tons, Coulton, master, for New Zealand. Passengers, Mr. T. B. Wilson, Mr. Ralph, Mr. Finnis, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Wood, Mr. Whiety.
July 2.–The barque Samuel Cunard, 299 tons, Williams, master, for New Zealand, Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, and four children.
From Sydney.—August 27.—For New Zealand, the schooner Susannah Ann, Captain Anderson, with sundries.
August 31.—For New Zealand, the barque Achilles, Captain Veale, with sundries.—Resumed her voyage, the David, Captain Hart.
September 3.—For New Zealand, schooner, Henry Freeling, Captain Fisher, with sundries. Passenger, Mr. Schultz. Cargo, 9 hhds, 3 puncheons rum. 3 hhds gin, and sundry whaling stores.
September 7.—For New Zealand, the schooner Harlequin, Captain Kyle, with whaling stores.
September 8.—For New Zealand, the schooner Ariel, Captain Stewart, with sundries. Passengers, Dr. Steward, Mr. Charles Ewart, Dr. Mc Neal, Mr. Graham, and Mr. Didsbury.

Entered Outwards.

At Sydney.—August 26.—Achilles 380 tons, R. Dacre, for New Zealand.
August 28.—David, 204 tons, Montefiore & Co., for New Zealand.
August 31.—Jessie, 314 tons, I. Jones, agent, for New Zealand.
September 6,—Currency Lass, 90 tons, R. Milne, agent, for New Zealand.

Ship News.

Sydney, 31st. Aug.—The Aquilla Cutter, may be expected immediately from the Bay of Plenty; she having the greater part of her cargo ready when the Harlequin left.
We understand that several vessels will be immediately dispatched to New Zealand, with cargoes of cattle and sheep for the new settlers, who, we presume, have by this time arrived at their place of destination. A number of persons are about leaving Sydney for the purpose of purchasing land from the native chiefs.—Australian, Sept.

Australian Shipping.


At Adelaide, South Australia.—The Recovery, from Plymouth; Glenswilly, from the Clyde; Anna Robertson, from London; Alice Brooks, 23d Sept., from Liverpool; Prince Regent, 25th, from London; Lady Lilford, 27th, from Liverpool.
At Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land.—The William Carey, 30th Sept., from Liverpool; Merope, 6th Oct., from Newcastle; Con-cordia, 10th, from Copenhagen; Porter, 13th from Newcastle; Orwell, 14th, from Sydney; Indemnity, 15th, from Sydney; Emerald, from Bay of Islands; Miranda, 22d, from London.
At Launceston.—The Bolina, 4th, October, from London; Lady Emma, 4th, from South Australia; Minerva, 7th, from Port Philip.


From Hobart Town.—The Katherine Stuart, Forbes, 19th September, for South Australia; Britomart, for Port Philip; Medway, for Sydney; Vibilia, 10th, October, for Launceston; Galliardon, 12th; Marian Watson, 12th; and Trusty, 15th, for Sydney.
From Launceston.—The Mary Mallaby, 5th October, for South Australia; Arab, 8th, for Port Philip; Martba, 10th, for Sydney; Lady Emma, 12th, and Minerva, 15th, for South Australia.

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