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The New Zealand Journal, Saturday, February 8 (1840)


Recent News.

In the prospectus of the New Zealand Journal, an expectation was expressed, that by the time our first number was ready for press, dispatches would he received from the Company's first expedition, under Colonel Wakefield.
This expectation was not unreasonable, as the Tory sailed from Plymouth on the 12th of May, and at the time we expressed the hope, a vessel, which sailed from Cork about the same time, had arrived at Sydney.
Up to the time of going to press, however, no intelligence had been received; we have, therefore, to content ourselves with such other sources of information, as are within our reach.
Papers have been received from Hobart Town, up to the 28th clay of October, containing intelligence from Sydney, to the 9th, and from Port Philip, and Adelaide, to the 5th of that month. The Sydney papers received by direct conveyance, reach only to the 16 th of September.
It will be seen by the extracts we have made, that considerable iuterest has been excited by the measures now in operation in this country for the colonization of New Zealand. As we have elsewhere remarked, the little jealousy which was displayed when South Australia was first established, has given place to a more becoming spirit of liberality. This is as it should be. The colonizing of one country on sound principles, cannot be injurious to a neighbouring colony. In every point of view it must be beneficial. No one can deny that in a moral point of view, the old Australian colonies are much in need of reformatory influences. Now the description of community which the new principles of colonization have a tendency to establish, is precisely such as to promote the perfect regeneration of the old settlements, when once transportation shall be put an end to.
Moreover, whenever that grand improvement shall be fully adopted, the principles in question afford the only means of furnishing an abundant supply of free labour to compensate the loss of convict labour, to which New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land will he subjected.
Under any circumstances, the establishment of a new colony in the neighbourhood of older colonies, must be advantageous in a commercial point of view. The list of New Zealand shipping in another part of our paper, affords evidence that an active commerce is now carried on. How great a stimulus will not the new colony about to be planted impart to that commerce I Considering the relative position of the several Australasian colonies, including New Zealand; considering that by reason of a difference of soil and climate, the productions of one must necessarily differ from those of another, it is difficult even for the most sanguine to calculate the rapidity with which the inter-colonial trade of Australasia will grow up.
Under these circumstances, we cannot but rejoice in the tone of the extracts we have quoted; which, until the contrary appears, We shall take as an index of the public mind. Though our paper is professedly devoted to New Zealand, we feel a deep interest in the welfare of all the Australasian colonies. We are especially desirous of seeing them brought within the operation of sound principles; which seem to usto be all that is wanted to ensure their rapid growth.
It will be seen by the extracts we have made from the instructions to the Land and Emigration Board, that New Zealand is named as one of the colonies to which the principles on which South Australia was founded may be extended. This is something gained at all events. With that exception, however, it can-not be anticipated, with any degree of confidence, that there is to be any great extension of the principle.

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