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Lower Hutt Past and Present (1941)



Lower Hutt stands high among the place names of the world, and deservedly so, for it was in this town, now to be proclaimed a City, that the first plan for systematised colonization of any part of the Great Commonwealth of British Nations was successfully carried out. This plan, though conceived behind prison bars, was nurtured by courage and determination, fostered by the might and power of the English Army and Navy and directed down the course of time with vision and wisdom.
The first elected Council to represent Constitutional Government met near the banks of the River Hutt and adopted the first charter of democratic government, written in England and promulgated in the Hutt Valley.
The brave Maoris who sought by their own unaided efforts to defy the might and dignity of the Crown, now dwell among us in perfect peace and unity.
Nature has been prodigal in her gifts to us. The river, though a menace to early development, has gathered within the arms of the everlasting hills a store of highly-productive soil which makes our fragrant gardens and fertile fields the envy and admiration of all.
Our marts and factories are close to the sea and air routes that give access to all parts of the world. Our parks, schools, scenic resorts and open spaces for relaxation are within the reach of all. The scenic beauty of bush and plain, valley and mountain tempt the adventurous to further endeavour, or soothe the home lover to luxurious ease.
In this publication we have endeavoured to portray briefly some of the factors, past and present, contributing to the various phases of the development of our Garden City.

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