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Lower Hutt Past and Present (1941)


Lower Hutt Borough Council Jubilee Celebrations 1891 – 1941

Jubilee Committees

Executive Committee:

His Worship the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Andrews), Or. J. Mitchell, Messrs. L. Hall, W. H. Smith and T. Waugh.

Booklet Committee:

Mr. Lance Hall (Chairman), His Worship the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Andrews), Or. E. P. Hay, Messrs A. J. Clearing, H. J. Poole, W. Toomath and T. Waugh.

Dinner Committee:

Mr. T. Waugh (Chairman), His Worhip the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Andrews), Crs. C. J. Ashton and H. V. Horlor, Sir Alex. Roberts, Messrs. E. P. Bunny, F. J. Jones, and W. Toomath.

Opening of Jubilee Park:

Cr. J. Mitchell (Chairman), His Worship the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Andrews), Crs. A. Marshall and W. T. J. Morrison and Mr. T. Waugh.

Pageant Committee:

Mr. W. H. Smith (Chairman), His Worship the Mayor (Mr. J. W. Andrews), Crs. W. C. Gregory, W. A. F. Hall and W. T. J. Morrison, and Messrs. S. Carey, W. V. Dyer and W. Toomath.

Programme of Events

Saturday, 1st February, 1941

10.15 a.m.—First meeting of the City Council, at which the proclamation raising the Borough to City Status will be read and the Mayoral Chain handed over to His Worship the Mayor.
11.0 a.m.—Opening of Jubilee Park.
12.45 p.m.—Luncheon in the Horticultural Hall.
2.15 p.m.—Pageant and procession, to arrive at the Recreation Ground at approximately 3 p.m.

Sunday, 2nd February, 1941

11.0 a.m—His Worship the Mayor and Councillors will attend a special Civic
Service at St. James's Anglican Church.
7.0 p.m.—A Combined Thanksgiving Service arranged by the Lower Hutt Ministers' Fraternal will be held at the Recreation Ground.
Preacher: The Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Wellington, H. St. Barbe Holland.

List of Illustrations

Aglionby Arms 16
Boulcott's Farm Stockade 24
Bridge, the first 39
Bridge, the second 23
Bridge, the third 40
Britannia, Village of 14
Captain Compton's Cottage 19
Fort Richmond 23, 39
Hutt, Village of 45
Lock-Up 52
Maraenuka Pa 20
Molesworth's House 49
Molesworth's Windmill 59
Swainson's House 18
Richmond, Village of 17
River from Molesworth's Farm 44
River, near Mouth 10
Taita, the Stockade 20
Taita, the Main Road 26
"Tory" and "Cuba" in Cook Strait 9
"Tory" and "Cuba" off Petone Beach 13
Old Photographs.
Captain Daniell's House 55
Cleland's Store 60
"Fairlie" Engine 31
Flood in Township 47
Fourth Bridge and Ford 41
Main Street, 1920 121
Hutt Band, 1863 103
Lower Hutt from Western Hills 27
Mechanics' Institute 84
Melling Bridge and Flood 37
Old House, Taita 54
Old House, Main Road 55
Pit-sawing 53
Post Office, 1904 33
Te Mako 25
Toll House 102
Recent Photographs.
Aerial View of Lower Hutt 42
Council Garages & Workshop 129
Catholic Church 76
First Church, Taita 74
Government Houses 58
High Street 32, 76, 87, 127
Hutt Valley High School 66
Industrial Area 62
Jubilee Park 96
Knox Church 75
Laing Meason Memorial 46
Methodist Church 77
Modern Homes 56, 57, 58, 70
Naenae Lane 28
Orr's Windmill 86
Post Office 32
Recreation Ground, at night 90
Recreation Ground, the Grandstand 91
Riddiford Baths 93
Riddiford Park 58, 92, 95
St. James's Church 73
Taita Farming Lands 50
Waiwhetu Stream 43
War Memorial 29
Waterloo School 64
Plans, Etc.
Aerial Survey Map Front Inset
Gear Island 94
Historical Map Rear Inset
New Post Office 35
New Hospital 99
Proposed Development of Valley 100 Proposed City, 1839 97
Portraits, Etc.
Mr. J. W. Andrews 2, 128
Mrs. J. W. Andrews 3
The Civic Band 103
The Borough Council 130
The Borough Council Staff 131
Mr. P. R. Purser 48
Mr. J. Hall 104
The Fire Brigade 85, 114
The Past Mayors—
Mr. W. A. Fitzherbert 106
Mr. W. G. Foster 109
Mr. E. P. Bunny 110
Mr. Orton Stevens 111
Mr. T. W. McDonald 113
Mr. T. A. Peterkin 115
Mr. H. Baldwin 118
Mr. E. P. Rishworth 120
Mr. W. T. Strand 123
Sir Alex. Roberts 126

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